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Power steering failure, multiple intermittent tow alert, while no towing anything

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    • By qoconnell
      This is my first post so sorry if I’m all over the place. I’ve had my 2014 Sierra slt for about two years now. I got it with 116k miles and I’m at about 174k right now. Since the day I’ve bought the truck it’s been nothing but issues. You name it, it’s happened. Four separate water leaks (sunroof, gps antenna, third brake light, and cab vents), 2 transfer case control modules, problems with the power steering going out, brakes going out at low speeds. A couple of months ago my transmission went out and it also needed various other repairs totaling over $20k. Now my park assist sensors don’t work, my rear doors don’t open from the inside and also don’t lock from the outside, reverse lights and camera don’t work, and it constantly dings at me to service my trailer brake system (seriously, it chimes at me about every two seconds as I’m going down the road, telling me to service the trailer brakes). I’ve gone through and checked every ground I can find and nothing helps. Today I went through every single fuse and relay in the truck. I found a couple of blown fuses and replaced as needed, but still no change. I’m at a loss for what to do at this point as I’m stuck with the truck after all the money I’ve sunk into it. Does anybody maybe have any solutions to any of these problems? I’m desperate for answers, anything helps.
    • By Robert Rick
      I have a 2008 Silverado, 6 speed auto, 2500 HD, 2WD...while driving at higway speeds, the truck will literally downshift straight into low gear. The back wheels all but lock up! Had it to 2 different dealers who has told me that these symptoms were impossible! Yet the truck just does it at random times, but never when a mechanic is driving it. When it happens I turn off the ignition and restart the truck and its fine for a while. If i dont figure this out someone is going to get killed
    • By Raymond Scott
      So I bought a 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 All terrain. In the last 5 months "which would be how long I have owned it" I have replaced the drivers door window regulator, Drivers door wiring harness and window motor again. And the transmission. Now if I'm driving on wet roads and hit a decent bump I lose power steering. Once the truck sits for awhile its fine. I took it in to a GM shop and had them look if maybe somehow the recall was reset when they programmed my tranny. They added the current updated fix for power steering and tried charging me for it which after some talking I got for free. They said if that doesn't fix the problem there is a bulletin that calls for going through wires to find an issue. I 99% certain there is a wire or censor that gets wet and when you hit a bump it sends a code and shuts off the power steering but I'm looking for some help from someone who has maybe already solved this to save me some time and money. 
    • By rag0
      Hey folks,
      A while ago I made a post about some ABS stuttering, well turns out I had terrible rotors and worn thin brake pads that the dealership never replaced (had bought the truck about 2 months prior to it starting). I just recently (about 3 weeks ago) had the rear rotors and rear brake pads replaced as they were the ones in question. Before I took it in, I noticed I was getting some grinding and somewhat squeaking noise when I shifted (sitting at a complete stop) from P, to R, to D, and not just in that order. It ONLY occurred when I was holding the brake to shift. Well 500 dollars later, it’s still happening. My grandfather, a master mechanic in his time, said it’s likely not transmission related and it because “somethings hitting”. I don’t know if he’s right or not but I’d like to get some second opinions if anyone has an idea what’s going on.
      For some background info, it’s a 5.3L V8 L71 2015 Silverado 1500 4WD Automatic
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