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Is there a better option?  

I installed a LEER shell on the bed of my 2020 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD truck.  The shell is now blocking the 3rd brake light camera so that the feature of using a camera vs a mirror in the rear view mirror unit is now not an option.  I am limited to see what’s behind me using side mirrors only.  Below are my thoughts and notes:


The 2020 Silverado 2500 HD has a “Spoiler” on the back of the cab that houses the 3rd Brake Light assembly.  There are two cameras on that 3rd brake light assembly identified in the attached pictorial diagram as #4 and #6.  #4 Camera is listed as an Auxiliary Rearview Camera that works in conjunction with the trailer view camera feature and the #6 camera is the RearView mirror camera that allows one to see behind him via a flip of a switch on the mirror itself.


It appears that in order to remove the 3rd Brake Light assembly you will either have to remove the entire headliner or simply move the back of the headliner enough to access the screws (10) & (11) that secures the spoiler in place. Once removed, you can remove the 3rd Brake Light Assembly and replace it with a 3rd Brake Light assembly without cameras.  The 3rd Brake Light assembly connects to a harness listed as (9) on the pictorial diagram. 


My plan is to take the OEM 3rd Brake Light assembly apart and remove both cameras.  Purchase a Kia Telluride GPS Shark Fin antenna and gut it.  Mount the cameras onto it and install it on the LEER shell roof 5” from the back hatch.  Ensure I splice in enough conductor (15-20 ft)  to run it to the harness (#9) in the cab.  This should provide a plug and play installation.  I will need to ensure that the angles of the cameras mounted on the shark fin are correct.  Reinstall headliner after I verify all is functioning correctly.  Does anyone have any thoughts on this?  Is there a better option?

Spoiler Diagram.jpeg

pic 3.jpg

pic 1.jpg

pic 2.jpg

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There's another thread about rear view mirror cameras and the subject about doing what you want to do came up. Someone was going to use a OE GM cable and try it but they never posted back how it worked. I myself would like to do this also

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Following just because this sounds cool.  Some truck bed caps have a 3rd brake light incorporated as part of the design.  Would be sweet if Leer had a cap that used an OEM Chevrolet/GMC light.  Now extend the wiring, buy another OEM light, and there you have it, a factory look!

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5 minutes ago, BlaineBug said:

Following just because this sounds cool.  Some truck bed caps have a 3rd brake light incorporated as part of the design.  Would be sweet if Leer had a cap that used an OEM Chevrolet/GMC light.  Now extend the wiring, buy another OEM light, and there you have it, a factory look!

Would be easier if they had a kit that included a “plug” fake third brake light for the truck, the extension wire - and used your existing 3rd brakelight With the camera on the cap. 

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Absolutely.  The cap could just be black, doesn't even have to match the body color because nobody would see it anyway.  This has to be a thing their engineers are thinking about since rear view cameras are so common these days.  And it's nuts to cover them up!  Considering they are mounted in this spot and not in the tailgate anymore.  Maybe they will moving forward.

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The cap or Leer shell came with a 3rd Brake Light   It’s a requirement in most states. What it doesn’t have is a camera and even if it did, the angle would not be correct hence the GPS shark fin idea. BTW, the new 2020 Camaro comes with a shark fin with a built in camera but the angle won’t work on a cap or shell application. 

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My “Shark fin” antenna just arrived.  I gutted it. GM part 84519353.  Now the wait.  My upholsterer won’t have an opening until the end of April.  We need to drop the headliner to remove the spoiler/3rd brake light assembly.  I’m going to go ahead with my idea. Will keep you posted.  

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Are you going to mount the bed camera on the interior of the shell and the rear view camera on the shark fin?

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For the rear view mirror to work In camera mode the bed view camera will have to be mounted outside

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