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Hi I have a 2015 Chev Silverado, 4.3 engine with a new engine put in 100,000km ago as oil pump went on it before. Now I have a miss on cylinder 5. I swapped coils from cylinder 5 to cylinder 1, new spark plugs put in on cylinder 5 and 3, put new spark plug wires on 1,3,&5. Got injectors all cleaned and tested. Checked and replaced the oil pressure filter on it. And still have a steady miss on cylinder 5 still, which is more apparent when the engine warms up. Did a compression test with cylinder 5 being at 130psi and cylinder 1 also being at 130psi and that was engine cold and hot . I am on a total loss of where to go now. Other than replace the engine or rip it all apart. Could use some insight PLEASE. 
   Thanks in advance 

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    • By Dawn Reynolds
      Recently replaced plugs and wires in 2004 Chevy Silverado Z71. It now idles very rough almost to the point of stalling and misfiring. I found a forum somewhere that mentioned wrong plugs but now can't find it to show the hubby. Any help is appreciated! Love these forums!
    • By KDP85
      Hey all, so I have a 17 Silverado 5.3. 
      was driving around yesterday.   Truck was at operating temp and trans temp was at 76  so all was good. 
      it was driving fine, then I got home. And backed into my driveway.  Parked emptied groceries yadda yadda.  5 minutes later realized I had to pull in. Got in, and did just that.   Then 5 minutes later had to run to corner store.  This is when the truck started rough and check engine light started blinking and it was like I had no power.    ( and when I say rough, it was god awful. Like bucking and lurching) Turned around a parked it.  2 hours later drove it 40km and not an issue.   Next morning drive to and from work (7km each way) no issue. 
      some say it can be the anti theft , or dirty injectors or worse clips or plugs.     Trucks only got 33k 
    • By Juan Falcon
      Have a 2014 4.3 Silverado with around 180k miles. About two weeks ago I noticed that whenever I’m driving (any speed) and press the gas pedal halfway or more for about 5 seconds I notice it starts to go from normal 210° to around 220° once I start to see it go up I let off and it goes back down. I could let it idle with the ac on and it’ll never go past 210 only when I step on it even with the ac off. The coolant is always at the top, the fans turn on when the ac is on , I haven’t seen any leaks, the radiator hose is hot after driving and radiator doesn’t have too much build up on it from the outside . I’ve replaced the thermostat twice in the past year and a half because both times they went out and marked 0° the whole time while driving causing my fans to always stay on (I just disconnected the battery for 10 min and after it would only mark around 100° but I only did it so the fans wouldn’t turn on, and It ended up being the housing) I also don’t think it’s the thermostat because otherwise it would go up and down like the other times And it only goes up when I know it will (when I floor it a little bit). Any idea what it could be?
    • By Chevyowner1234
      I recently got a 2000 chevy s10 LS 4.3 v6 4wd that wont start it cranks no problem everything else works but the security light is always on it never flashes its solid i have tried the relearn procedure 10 times nothing i have scanned it for codes got none i have tried putting a ziptie tip in the passlock plug in and nothing i have found a forum that is having the same issue but they did the resistor and it didnt work for them i dont know what to do to fix it and get it to run i dont have the money and dont want to take it to the dealer so dont suggest that if you know how to fix it please let me know thank you.
    • By astolt12
      I have a 2006 4.3 V6 Silverado 1500 WT that as of yesterday will not start. The last time I drove the truck was about a week ago before I parked it at the house. Luckily, its in my driveway so I can work on it. I'm a little confused though on why its not starting.
      I have tested the fuel rail pressure and have 59lbs when the fuel pump is engaged and about 59-61lbs when I try to crank the engine. I've tested the spark on all 6 cylinders with an inline spark tester and have posted the video of the number 3 cylinder's test below. They all managed to light the plug up telling me I have some spark, but i dont know how much spark at the plugs. I then checked the high tension line by trying to get it to arc off a ground bolt. It was sending power as i managed to shock myself through rubber handle channel locks, but it wasnt creating a visable arc. I also pulled a few plugs and they all were dry but had a color to them as if they were burning normally.
      I also tried shooting some starting fluid directly into the throttle body during crank; that didnt give me anything either.
      I'm thinking I have a spark issue; but am confused as I have spark at the plugs. Perhaps its not enough? My battery is dead now from troubleshooting so i'll be waiting for a charger to come in tomorrow. Until then - any suggestions???

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