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Powered seat blown fuse - now dead

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2 minutes ago, tiwillia said:

No, just that one piece. If you look under your seat, its a long metal rod that goes from one side of the seat to the other in the front. It holds on the plastic that keeps a lot of the wires from falling down or getting caught.


It also seems to provide rigidity to the seat. Its just got surface rust on it, doesn't seem to be an issue. GM painted every piece of metal under the seat except that one rod.

Good to know.


Reason I asked is because there have been a couple of post on here with members seats looking like they had been submerged in salt water, rust everywhere under the seat.


I live in Washington state, so there is a lot of humidity and moisture from the rain, but I have not noticed any rust on my frame or anywhere in the interior.

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Doesn't seem to be a problem I'm having. Here is a picture I took of the bottom of the seat when I had it out and apart:



You can see the rod at the top right of the picture. Everything else looks fine. Thanks for the heads up!

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Now that I'm taking a closer look at the picture I posted, I do see some possible problem areas in the middle of the picture, on the light metal bracket holding up the motor. Not sure at this point if thats rust under the paint or some nasty gunk the previous owner got under the seat.

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21 hours ago, tiwillia said:

Now that I'm taking a closer look at the picture I posted, I do see some possible problem areas in the middle of the picture, on the light metal bracket holding up the motor. Not sure at this point if thats rust under the paint or some nasty gunk the previous owner got under the seat.

Let's hope it is just some hidden treasures form the prior owner....


I admire your courage to rip everything apart and being able to fix it, hopefully the problem is fixed for good.

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