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Soler Prf. Throttle Body Flow Test

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Hello, everybody. Many of you asked for flow data on our throttle bodies, and we listened. You wanted numbers to replace words and you've got them. Here we go.


This test is fairly simple and very effective, it says a lot about a valve, about how air is allowed into the manifold/engine and how much of it you get. It is done by using an airflow bench (a large airflow meter) applying a controlled vacuum at the outlet of the TB just like the manifold does. Air is then drawn into the throttle body through its inlet, we fix the throttle position (blade position) and take a measurement of how much air is being drawn. We do that about 50 times, one every 1-2% of throttle opening, starting when fully closed until it is fully open and we build a flow curve that characterizes the TB. We do all that for the stock TB and for the our Modified ones, and then compare them. 


Test set up. Figures 1-3 show the flow bench, fixtures, the test sample, and a velocity stack.


Results. Figures 4 and 5 show what happens when you go from your stock 87mm TB (6.2L trucks) to our 100mm TB. 





Soler 100 vs OEM 87 Absolute.jpg


Soler 100 vs OEM 87 Relative.jpg

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@Mike@SolerPrf Can you explain which TB on your website you're comparing to? You mention 100mm above which has me thinking you're referencing this one: https://www.solerengineering.com/generalmotors/se9871-100


Is that correct? If so, I'm also deducing that the above mentioned TB will bolt to an L86 intake manifold?

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Hello, the comparison is relative to the L86/L87/L96 stock throttle body. Our 100mm TB comes with an Adapter Kit to fit your manifold included in the price, we also match the adapters line-to-line to ported  L86/L87/L96 manifolds or aftermarket superchargers, or customize the hole pattern on the TB for those who ported their manifold or supercharger to 95mm for a direct fit. It will require a tune and a CAI or flexible silicone tube/coupler.




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5 hours ago, lucas287 said:

Got it. So those aren't the flow gains you'd experience by simply upgrading to a the bolt-on L86 TB? https://www.solerengineering.com/generalmotors/se8223-040


No, thats the reworked lt5 throttle body.


But see their lt4 tb: https://www.solerengineering.com/generalmotors/se8223-080

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I have the bolt on L-86 Soler Performance Throttle Body. I can whole heartedly endorse this product. It removed the throttle lag or stumble that my truck had when accelerating, especially from a stop. My truck is smooth and stronger throughout the power range. I’m very happy with my purchase.  I realize this is not a technical review. Soler may have those numbers somewhere, I don’t know. I do know that for me, this was a good investment.

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