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How To Remove Front Fenders from 1999-2002 Silverado or Sierra (With Video and Pictures)

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Hey there! I'm going to do a public service to the GM Truck people and make a guide on how to remove your front fenders from your Early 00's Silverado, Sierra, Yukon, Suburban, Yukon XL, and Tahoe. It's pretty straight forward, but this guide should be a help anyway.


If you would prefer to watch an in-depth video with the same steps I'm showing here, please click this link --------> Fender Removal Video




1. Here are the tools you will need:

  • 13 MM Socket
  • 10 MM Socket
  • 13 MM Wrench
  • 10 MM Wrench
  • Socket Wrench
  • Socket Extensions
  • Penetrating Oil or WD-40
  • Bungee Cord(s)
  • Patience


Let's first go over why I'm doing this, this truck was donated to me and my father as a project and this fender has a nasty rust hole straight through. So, we're hitting the Pick-N-Pull tomorrow to get a new fender.




(Remove your wheel(s) before this guide)


2. Remove the hood hinge (13MM Bolt), or the hood itself. We had a way to support the side of the hood we were removing so we did not need to entirely remove the hood. If you do not have a way to support the hood, you will need to remove the whole thing.




3. Remove all the 13mm's along the fender you are wanting to remove


4. Remove wheel well splash cover by pulling the head of the little clips to free the liner, here is what the clips look like:



5. Soak 13 MM bolt where the fender and rocker panel meet with lube then try and break it loose. (These are exposed so it'll be rusty.)



6.  Remove the 2 hidden 13 MM bolts in the door jam, use a long extension.



7. Unscrew Airbox and remove the hose, next remove your air filter and the top of the airbox.


8. Release bottom part of the airbox by using a screwdriver to push the little pins down which will pop the box out.





9. Remove the 3 10MM bolts holding the airbox support down. Remove any remaining clips.



10. Loosen coolant reservoir and secure to the side




11. Remove all remaining 13 mm and 10 mm bolts holding fender to chassis.



12. Remove headlight by pulling up on the metal bars, removing them. Next, pull the light and disconnect the connectors.



13. Remove grill clip from fender


14. Remove the last bolt holding the hood hinge to the fender with a wrench


15. Remove 13 MM bolt holding fender in the wheel well (inner bumper)



17.  Wiggle fender upward and pull, it should easily come off of the truck.




Ta-Da! Now you have tons of access to work or you're halfway done replacing your fender. I hope this helps!





If you have trouble, please comment or refer to this video: Thanks!




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