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1997 5.7 Vortec intermittent slow start revisited.


Short version:


I have a 1997 Express with a 5.7 Vortec and the CSFI system. It has 130k miles.

It is hard to start after sitting. If I pulse each of the fuel injectors with an injector tester then it starts right up. Problem description is mostly in next post. The test procedure that makes it start is in the third post.


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1997 5.7 Vortec intermittent slow start revisited.


Long version:


I have a 1997 5.7 Vortec with the CSFI system. It has 130k miles. This is a continuation of the problem in an earlier post.



I thought I had it fixed when I replaced the rotor, but no. The symptoms are more consistent now. I suspect that's because with the new rotor it only has one problem. With the testing I do, it always takes about four or five tries to start. Injector testing causes the engine to start. See next post.




It is hard to start after sitting for more than a day. It cranks fine. It cranks and cranks and finally starts. Once it starts it runs fine.


New parts (AC Delco):

  • Plugs, wires, cap and rotor (6+ months ago)
  • Fuel pump and filter (also 6+ months ago)
  • Rotor again 1 month ago. A plastic piece broke and the tab was loose.


  • Fuel pressure is at 60 before start, drops to about 50 when running.
  • Connected scan tool but saw nothing wrong before it starts.
  • It always has good spark.
  • The injectors all have the same resistance.
  • All injectors work when pulsed with an ALLOSUN Injector tester (the cheap box from Amazon).
  • A shot of starting fluid makes it sound like its going to start, but it doesn't start.
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Testing procedure and starting:

I have tested it four times since replacing the rotor with the same results.

  1. It doesn't start, so I check fuel pressure. 60 psi before cranking, 50 psi when cranking.
  2. Pull a plug wire (#8) and check spark with a spare plug. Cranking shows good spark. A couple of times I did the same with #6 - also good spark.
  3. Pull the injector harness connector. For each injector, connect the tester. Cycle ignition to get fuel pressure. Pulse it injector twice while observing the fuel pressure gauge. It drops the same amount for each injector.
  4. Reconnect the injector harness connector. Now the engine will start up immediately.

Note that one time I tried giving a shot of starting fluid. That made it sound like it wanted to start for a moment, but did not start.

Also, the last time I tried this I only pulsed injectors 1-4, with the same results.

It seems like the injectors or regulator are the problem, but I don't know what could be wrong to cause this problem.

If it were a stuck poppet, I think it would start anyway since I know the engine will start easily with 6 plug wires.


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Edited for clarity.
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No, it is not fixed.


Sorry that previous post was not clearer. I did not replace the injector harness connector. I reconnected it. What I meant is that after testing the injectors with the pulse box, and reconnecting everything, the engine fires right up.


Now the problem is getting worse. It is bad enough that it will not start without a lot of cranking (unless I test with the pulse box). It is almost consistent now, so I should be able do some productive testing today.


Also the pressure only come up to 56 of 58 PSI. I ordered an adapter for the fuel return line, which should be in this morning. I intend to route the return through a rubber fuel line into a gas can, and restrict the return while powering the pump from the test port. This will clearly show whether the pump is strong enough to produce 60 psi. If the pump is good than the regulator is bad. So if the problem doesn't go away during testing I will know the culprit.

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    • By [email protected]
      What's the word everyone. Full disclosure, this post will officially mark my first ever post on any forum board. Over the last 20 years give or take, I've utilized the forum boards in research efforts to gain knowledge. Subsequently stumbled upon case studies that were valuable bits of knowledge that happened to be very handy long after i had read them. And on certain rainy days forums have even been an outlet of entertainment! However, it wasn't until earlier this year that i ever took the time to register an account and devuldge deeper into the community of a forums page and I honestly couldn't tell you why that is. I joined a page for info on a Saturn Vue that i've had since 2005 and though i had browsed the posting from this webpage countless hours over the years i had never been so completely stump by an issue (be it motor cars 0r any other type of forum) that i was ready to invest time into creating an account. If you think this sounds bizarre and silly you should put yourself in my shoes and kick your own tail for withholding yourself from the community and vast resources that come with joining. I am now registered to a few boards and todays the day i make a post.
      1999/2000 4.3L looking @ rolling 310 k. 
      I've owned the truck since 2003 when she still had less than 30K racked up on the OD. I recently pulled her out of the stable to get her back on the road after 2.5 years. Also just to note, this is not the first time i stored the truck for lengthy period of time. With that being said i am knowledgeable to enough to know that i dont know $h!T outside of what i know has worked for me and what has not worked over the years. While being put up or stored, depending on the reason she got parked i would make the effort to start and let run every 8-12 weeks on average and try to maintain the integrity of components that would fall victim to these situations IE- brake lines, rubbers hosing and such, fuel systems,.... In doing so i have always been able to bring her back to life after minimal post storage tinkering. Nothing a little carb cleaner and high octane fuel wasnt able to cure for her to run like she had never been stored. In all honesty, after sitting for close to 48 months ( stabil mixed in half tank of gas or more and then circulated through the motor / tires pulled / harnesses seperated and or protected from critters / cabin  vented to help against mold and condensation) I aired tires up and connected the same red top optima that had been with the truck for 9 years, she started on the third key turn. Not being one to hide behind allure and taking things for whst ther are. I would have no hard feelings about how sluggish or tired she would feel in any part of the power curve as i understand this is what you will encounter on any motor that has seen milage of that sort. (ESP with me driving like I do/ OR DID WHEN I WAS A YOUNGer lol)
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      Made the mistake of pulling valve covers before assessing the condition of intake/head mating. What appeared to be dust turned to coolant - oil soaked debris that had collected in the valley of heads and plenum was in fact just that. ALONG WITH PINE NEEDLES,  LEAVES, AN ASSORTMENT OF ANTHROPODS NOW DECEASED, 2-HIDE N SEEK WORLD CHAMPION 10MM X 1/4" SOCKETS AND ALL THE OTHER THINGS CYLINDER WALLS JUST CANT GET ENOUGH OF LOL. 
       i WANT TO DELETE DOWNSTREAM o2'S AND EGR. CAN I ALSO DELETE PCV? Need someone in Houston who can flash these off my ecu!!!
      i have two other motors for projects and im eager to start setting things in motion for some builds as well as being educated by guys or gals that have a good grasp on the electrical side of these things. i truly believe you are able to learn something for every single person you meet in life. 
      _________ 99/00 GMC 1500 swb 4.3L vortec W(vin), 310k on OD
    • By OldDirtySpartan
      Hi all,
      Long time lurker who finally created an account. Y'all have been a wealth of info and I really appreciate it.
      I have a 2001 Tahoe LT Autoride with the 5.3. My father-in-law bought it new and I bought it from him when he upgraded to a 2019 Tahoe Premier. I've been going through the Tahoe since buying it from him. It was always maintained at the dealer and serviced at every interval.
      The issue I am having now is a hard start when cold. It takes at least 2 cranks to get it started in the morning or after a long period of not driving.
      I have searched the forums and found some help but no threads with results. Here is what I have done so far to remedy the issue.
      -New plugs
      -New fuel filter
      -New fuel pump
      -Techron in tank (one bottle so far)
      I have a new fuel pressure regulator coming and will swap that next but the telltale signs of failure aren't there (gas leaking through vacuum line).
      The truck had one other issue that has since been fixed. It would overheat (on the gauge) on hot days mainly at low speeds and belch coolant when turned off. I ended up replacing the fan clutch, coolant temp sensor, expansion tank, thermostat, and expansion tank cap.
      Any advice would be hugely appreciated!
      Thanks all!
    • By MasonGriffis
      Hello everyone. I have a fun issue. My 99 suburban decided to die on me recently. Was running alright. Went into my parents for maybe 30mins. Came back out it fired up and then died maybe a half second to second after. Never had the issue before. Today decided to attempt to diagnose. It has spark. Distributer looks good. Changed the fuel pump with assembly and fuel filter. Also changed the cam sensor and crankshaft sensor. Lastly changed the ignition switch due to sometimes it acting up and messing with my gauges and transmission. Checked the idle control valve motor. Seems to be working. Cleaned the gunk off of it and the throttle body. Checked all the relays. All working. All fuses are good. Attempting the security passcode reset now due to running out of options. The security light isnt showing. But not sure if this suburban has one. Spray starter fluid into intake and it will run for a second longer then dies out again. Not sure what's causing it. thinking maybe fuel pressure regulator. Any ideas?
    • By Angler21
      Please help!!   2008 GMC Sierra. 4.8.  Replaced fuel pump and FSM last year. Replaced evap solinoid last week.  Truck doednt want to start.  Turns over on first try. Then starts on second try.   Could it be a fuel sensor on fuel rail? 
    • By Angler21
      Please help!!   2008 GMC Sierra. 4.8.  Replaced fuel pump and FSM last year. Replaced evap solinoid last week.  Truck doednt want to start.  Turns over on first try. Then starts on second try.   Could it be a fuel sensor on fuel rail? 
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