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With all the shenanigans going on, I've recently completed my 5th build.


I put a 1-8 20" stainless steel HBAR with flutes on a Rock River A4 finished upper (I've built LOTS of uppers in my day from scratch, the forward assist pin is always a ****** and I didn't feel like doing that a 5th time), Hogue free float tube, low pro gas block, rifle length gas tube, PSA BCG, Surefire ProComp 556 brake (loved it on my 16" competition rifle)


I put it on an Anderson 80% lower, my first foray into 80%s, and it came out beautifully.


I initially put a standard GI trigger in, but being this was intended for a full length barrel, I sprung for a CMC 3.5 lb trigger pack, and WOW.


I had negative opinions of 80% lowers for a long time, but this entirely changed my stance.


It's my tightest, best-fitting build I've ever done.


The VLTOR A5 stock and buffer kit is common on 20" builds with a collapsible stock, but I used a standard carbine spring and a H2 carbine buffer because the VLTOR is mostly out of stock or incredibly expensive.


Historically, I prefer AimPoint optics, but I got a good deal on a Vortex Sparc, and while it isn't as precise on dot size as AP units are, I can't find anything wrong with it.


The real eye opener was the charging handle. I usually just buy standard GI CHs, but shipping would have taken a long time, so I bought local and got a BCM Gunfighter. I'm familiar with them, but always felt they were overpriced and not worth it.


Wrong. They are EXCELLENT. Offhand, single hand is all it takes to cycle the bolt.


Just wanted to "brag". Apart from trucks, this is my biggest hobby.


Anybody else love their BCM Gunfighter? For me it's a huge game changer.


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I had one on my riddle that I bought because the crappy stock style cause horrible gas to face issues. They make good stuff. Bought a new hand guard from Geissele a couple years back that came with one of theirs which is top notch too. Bought a Radian for my pistol build which is great too.

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