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Duramax 3.0: oil consumption and oil changes

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I saw that as well. I called local dealer and for roughly $55 I can get 7 quarts. Will likely pick up 24 to have a few changes plus spares to keep in truck. The filters are low cost so I hope to change mine for under $60.

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With my 5.3's they took 8qts.  I would always buy the two 5qt jugs of Mobil 1 which would run 50-55.00 plus filter.  I just did an oil change on the 3.0 at about 1500miles probably not necessary but did it any way.  Picked up 8qts, filter and 2.5gal of DEF out the door for 75.00.  Without the DEF the total would have been right at 60.00.  Which is pretty close to what I was spending on my 5.3's.  Since the oil is hard to find, I decided to get an extra quart, just in case.

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Hi Everyone!

First post here.

I have a 2020 K1500 Silverado High Country 3.0 diesel.  Bought Jan. 29th, 2020. I now have 8,900 miles on it. I did my first oil change at 3,800 miles. Sent in a sample for an analysis from Blackstone Labs (Ft. Wayne, IN). All was good.


I too, had the same issue of running more than a quart low. Checked the oil level when I got it a few times. Let it go for about 1,500 miles and was shocked when I checked it again at 2,500 miles (it was low.....didn't even register)!


I did my first oil change on my own and took some video of it. I bought 8 quarts so I'd have an extra. Nothing earth shattering or new as it the usual drain plug and oil filter (remove, drain, clean, re-install). I did opt to go with a Wix oil filter vs. the AC Delco.  Since that oil change I have added the extra quart as it was not registering again. I'm presently in the low 30s on oil life per the DIC.


So far, the best price I've found on the oil is $4.70/ quart from https://www.tascaparts.com/oem-parts/gm-oil-19370138.  Like most of you have experienced, the supply is limited and I found and bought the oil for my first oil change from https://www.cheapestgmparts.com/oem-parts/gm-oil-19370138 as they were the best price and in-stock at the time (May).


I'm hoping the oil consumption will stop soon.


I'll rotate my tires with this next oil change. 


Overall, I love this truck. Mileage is incredible compared to the 2010 I traded in!!!  I'm getting 22-24 mpg in town and 28 or so on the highway. DIC says the best 50 mile segment was 33 mpg!!!  I do keep a log of my fill ups and the DIC measures from 100% spot on to upwards of 1 mpg low compared to hard numbers. If you're interested, you can follow me on Fuelly.com for my milage experience.  I go by SWBuckeye there too. FYI - I use the TFL fill up method....pump kicks off, wait 30 seconds, start & let it kick off again.


Not sure if anyone has experienced this but I had a "Service Emission System" light come on? Ended up getting a new back pressure valve on the exhaust system to replace the original. No problems since. 



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I changed the oil in my 2020 3.0l duramax with AC Delco DexosD 0w-20 Light Duty Diesel Engine Oil 7 qts with filter at 27,000 miles. At 30,000 the truck went into limp mode on hard acceleration and the check engine light came on. I shut off the engine, waited 10 minutes and drove it . The light was off and the engine ran fine. I did another hard acceleration and it went into limp mode. I took it to the dealer where I purchased it and after 2 wks of speculation regarding wiring harnesses and oil pan sensors they determined that I was 4 qts of oil low. Sooo...it was either burned or leaked. Does anyone believe this? Wouldn't the diagnostics have showed low oil? Where did the oil go. I still have the empties to prove I put in seven quarts. The oil and the filter came as a kit from amazon. Anyone have any ideas?

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