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Just got my first new truck, 18, Silverado 1500. The parking assist was working fine (set to on with tow-bar) and i towed my camper for the first time last week. I turned it off with the button (not the dash computer) and now it wont turn back on. When i start my truck it automatically says Park Assist Disabled. My tow mirrors are in (don't know if there is a sensor in them or not). I have disabled and re enabled and nothing, the switch on the dash will not do anything.  Any help would be appreciated. 

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    • By BDogg
      Sharing experience for your info and any ideas you might have.  My shiny new 2021 GMC Sierra Denali 3.0 Duramax Diesel with 4900 miles on it has been losing its mind.  I get multiple, rotating DIC messages: “Service ESC”, “Service Parking Brake”,  “Service ABS”, “Adaptive Cruise Control Disabled”,  “Steering Assist Reduced Drive with Care”, . . . ). The error messages come with other “benefits” besides disabled cruise control. I also enjoy no GPS signal, no Blind Spot sensors, no collision avoidance sensors, and who knows what else.   
      Fortunately, the diagnostic codes were stored so the tech could see them, and I provided video of the DIC messages each time, too.  They are on their 4th attempt to repair it now.  First time, they replaced the Exhaust Particulate Matter Sensor (4025920) .  Second time, they tried the same thing and replaced the Exhaust Particulate Matter Sensor, again.  The 3rd time, they inspected the engine harness but found no damage so they replaced the pigtail to the  Exhaust Particulate Matter Sensor and followed an 8 hr rest cycle and road test protocol.  It worked for about 2 hours after I picked it up, then everything lit up again.   This (4th) time, they are saying they will replace the entire wiring harness per GM’s direction.   I do not want to use Florida’s Lemon Law, but I am starting the process just to be safe.
      BTW, I’m also getting the “long-crank/no-start” issue.  They just applied the ECM update per TSB for this problem, so we’ll see if that worked when/if I get to keep the truck more than a couple hours between service appointments.
      I was having issues with the passive locking feature where the truck locks the doors a few seconds after I get out with the key in my pocket.  It would not  work even when set to on.  Now that they did the Infotainment software update (V155) this seems to be fixed.
      I’m still having false messages that the SD Card for the Navigation System has been removed when it has not been.  GM has a bulletin out so they know about this issue, but it appears there is no fix action on this one yet.
      After looking up each code listed on the repair orders (RO’s), I believe the main harness is a very likely cause of all the DIC error messages and system failures.  Otherwise, all those modules and sensors involved have gone bad simultaneously.  I suppose a power surge of some kind could do that, but then it seems the modules would not work fine in the short time between repairs.
      Here are the codes the tech reported on the last two Repair Orders (bold codes where noted on both RO’s):
      Speaker 1 General Electric Failure
      Side View Camera Left
      Particulate Matter Sensor Protection Tube Performance
      Low Speed CAN Bus
      Low Speed CAN Communication Bus (+) Low
      Control Module Communication Chassis Expansion CAN Bus
      Lost Communication with Electronic Brake Control Module
      Lost Communication with Inflatable Restraint Sensing and Diagnostic Module
      Lost Communication with Instrument Panel Cluster Control Module
      Lost Communication with Radio Unit
      Invalid Data Received From Electronic Brake Control Module
      Invalid Data Received From Anti-Lock Brake System Control Module
      Parking Aid On/Off Switch Circuit Short to Ground
      Speaker 1 General Electric Failure
      Particulate Matter Sensor Protection Tube Performance
      Control Module Communication Chassis Expansion CAN Bus
      Lost Communication with Electronic Brake Control Module
      Lost Communication with Power Steering Control Module
      Lost Communication with Inflatable Restraint Sensing and Diagnostic Module
      Lost Communication with Radio Unit
      Invalid Data Received From Electronic Brake Control Module
      Invalid Data Received From Suspension Control Module
      Invalid Data Received From Anti-Lock Brake System Control Module
    • By Regalcone
      I was adding new license plate lights and accidentally removed a parking sensor it’s been extremely hard to put back any advice.
    • By Nobody-117
      Does anyone have a set of 2018 Ltz Led taillights for sale with the 3' harness? I am looking to swap them onto my 2015 chevy silverado 1500. Any help is appreciated in locating a set. 
    • By VdellaV
      I experienced problems with the Shift Buttons for the Manual mode on my Silverado: It behaved like there was a false contact or even an electrical short on the inside of the shift lever
      The transmission worked fine in Drive, and even in Manual Mode, but the truck would shift down when i pushed the button to shift up and viceversa or not register the shift at all.
      This was specially problematic when trying to engine brake while towing loaded on a hill or so, you get the idea.
      After disassembling the Column covers and shifter boot i discovered orange rust coming out of the lever where the cable for the buttons exits, so i concluded it was most likely a false contact or short on the internal electrical parts of the shifter itself, caused by rust and corrosion inside of the shifter.
      Since i caught the problem relatively quickly i managed to fix it by pouring a lot of AutoZone Rust Eater penetrating oil a few times in a couple of days
      It worked! now the shifter buttons work like new. Im pretty sure that if the rust had corroded the electronics too much, I may have needed to replace the shift lever entirely, since there is no practical way of disassembling it.
      WD40 could have worked too, but AutoZone´s "Rust Eater" sounded better and is just what i had in hand and worked. There are many brands of Rust Removing Penetrating Oils, most of them should do the same, but i dont know of all of them are Dielectric and safe to use on electronics. MAF sensor cleaner or Electronic parts cleaner could also work as well.
      TL;DR i made a video about it, hopefully this will help someone not spend money on a new shift lever:
    • By CBesh157
      Hey Yall, Im brand new to the forum but not to the brand. Ive been a Chevy guy my whole life and just now reaching out to the community to get some helpful advice. 
      I JUST bought a 2018 Silverado WT (5th Silverado Ive owned). I got an extremely good deal on it and was looking to throw some cash since I saved so much on the purchase. 
      I wanted to start with the exterior before tackling the interior. It has the black WT trim bumper and grille on it currently. Wondering how much work it takes to swap it for the higher trim bumper packages? Looking for reliable vendors, parts, etc. 
      Besides replacing the wheels, tires, and mirrors, I believe that is all I will need to make the exterior look like the LTZ package (High Country Maybe?), but any more tips and hints will be great.
      Are there any threads on swapping the interior? Bucket seat conversion, Entertainment console, Center console, Door panels, audio system, the whole 9 yards.
      Also looking for threads on leveling kits with tire size and what not. So if there are any helpful threads please let me know. 
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