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Several seasons ago I bought a STIHL string trimmer and leaf blower. Both utilize a 50:1 mix BUT as I would find out over a few seasons not just any old mix will do.  Seems STIHL went out of thei

I have a Stihl chain saw. Bought used.  A Kawasaki leaf blower. Bought new. Both 50-1 mix.   I use Stihl 2 cycle oil and 87 octane gas that can have 10% alcohol. Stihl 2 cycle oil

After reading this, 4-strokes are looking better!

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small 2 cycle engines are not made for long life spans.  That being said, I have no issue running fuel with ethanol in it as long as I treat it with a good stabilizer like Stabil-360 which takes care of the Ethanol harmfulness

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Beg to differ. Some models are made to last and even with stabilizer in the fuel the ethanol will still destroy the rubber long term. Been there tried it and same results but yes it did hold off the destruction about 6 months.

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Contractor friend of mine uses STIHL products top of the line for his landscaping business, blowers, weed eaters, chain saws.  They only get a year of daily use out of their machines before they are worn out and have to be replaced.  (Spring, Summer, Fall) You'll sometimes find "rated use" or hours listed on the labels.  Because of the amount of fuel they use in these things, he uses 2 cycle oil mixed with fuel.  Sometimes the fuel has ethanol in it, sometimes it doesn't.  (He buys the fuel in bulk and treats it, they get fresh fuel about every 2 months) But for normal residential use, you'll get years of use out of them. 

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Just made up a new gallon. Last one lasted 13 months and machines singing pretty. I guess I got shelf life figured out okay.


$6.09 a gallon ethanol free to make vs $40 a gallon STHIL gas. 


Weed whip is now about 5 years old and the blower about 8. First whip lasted 3 years on STIHL fuel. To little oil IMHO. 


STIHL mix is 50:1 and that is what it was tuned on. Girl barks on 43:1 like it did new. Heck better than it did new. Replace the fuel pickup tube this year. Stored dry.... Starts MUCH easier. 


Laugh all ya like....it works...it's cheap....equipment is happy....I'm happy. 

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