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Upgrading my transmission cooling and fluid

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I currently have a 2017 Silverado LTZ with 8 speed transmission thats lifted 4" with 35" tires. The truck is currently at 39K mileage and I was looking into upgrading my transmission cooling to take the wear off my transmission by allowing it to run cooler. My thought was to run a mishimoto transmission cooler, B&M transmission pan along with running the Mobil 1 Synthetic LV ATF HP to avoid the possible shudder everyone is having with there transmission.


Couple of concerns that I have is doing that will increase my fluid capacity which I have no way of checking the correct level since these transmissions have no dipstick. Any aftermarket dipstick like the one from B&M doesn't have an indicator mark, you have to mark it once you first install it. 


Any ideas around this to ensure I am getting the correct levels? Don't want to overfill or under fill my transmission. Or is this whole idea just a bad one all together?

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I was thinking of doing the exact same thing. Currently I'm on stock wheels and tires with a 2inch level but going same route with lift and tire size as you have and was planning exact same route of cooling it mishimoto and B&M parts.

I would say this will work fine because you have your original fluid inside, well, install the BM dipstick first to get a ballpark level for the stick. Then do the pan and other mods and you already have a hash mark for what the factory level was. That cooler will take a good amount of ATF, so you throw 8 qts or so in which is recommended for a flush, note how low it is on the dipstick with your already current line drawn and add accordingly once it circulates through the cooler and lines.

Second way to do it is dump the pan, reinstall or install new pan, provided it doesn't have an increased capacity, then mark after you add 8qts, confirm its the proper amount. Then install cooler and lines and add accordingly after it circulates.

Hope this made sense... but these two ways are how id do it

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Is your transmission actually running hot?  When is the last time the fluid has been replaced?


From all of my research, the factory cooler is fine.  The best improvements are a slightly lower engine thermostat (LT4 T-stat) and reprogramming the fans.

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There is a transmission thermostat that bypasses the cooler. It can be disabled/bypassed by flipping over the internals. This will drop temp at least 30 degrees and can be done in 20 mins under the truck. no need to replace anything and dealer uses M1 LV fluid in the trans already afaik. Do a search for the trans tstat mod.

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