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How to run new speaker wire in 2016 Canyon

Mark P.


I am upgrading to amp, sub and aftermarket speakers.  Speaker wire all run direct to the amp, which is behind the rear seat. I happened to start at the rear doors all went well.


Now on  the front doors and I can NOT figure out how to run wire from new speaker into the cab. Stock wiring is out because it has to run to the amp behind the back seat. Does anyone have a video link or just an explanation how to do it?


Running from the cab to the door doesn't look that hard but getting into the door is... a

Dwad end? The plug is completely solid so I can't run it through there. 


Totally puzzled!

Many thanks


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This should help you. Below is my video for installing Boost Auto Parts Towing Mirrors. I had to run extra wires for turn signals spot lights on the mirrors. Around the 8 minute mark I start to run my wires through the door grommet into the cab.


I think you'll be able to do something similar with your speaker wires.



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You need to drill through the blank areas of the door plug where there are no wires. You could drill both the A pillar and the door and install grommets in another location from the factory harness.

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