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Gas tank selector valve 1978 Chevy

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The single wire,  version is still out there. I'll see if I can find the part number for ya. Rockauto used to have them but they seemed to drop them.

But yes you should be able to use what you describe. You would need to figure out which wire is power and which is ground. The old single wire grounded through the body mount. It may take me a bit.



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Well I was wrong.....  ACD 467513 is the part number and they have been discontinued. The last 2 I bought were about 6 years ago. I did find this for ya'


Modifying new valve to work


Rockauto has a kit, appears to be out of stock at the moment. Standard parts FV5 is the valve. FV5K is the kit number. Consists of harness plug and a DPST switch as noted by the poster above. Pretty good info and diagrams there. Also on Rockauto if you click on the "info button" beside the FV5K part, you will see 3 different wiring diagrams to help you

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Acdelco u7000 is the newer, updated design and will work with fuel injection if you decide to go aftermarket efi. I’m still running carb. I still need to get the relay and wire it up.

Order the new pump and wiring connector I got both from rockauto. The below review says you can use a DPDT relay to make the new pump work with you single wire positive connection.

“My '76 K10 does not use this valve as a direct fit part. They will say it fits, but not without effort and redesign. You will need a 6 port valve for this years truck, but this year only uses a single wire 12 volt signal to actuate the valve. This next section is for budding engineers..... This valve required +12 and ground on two pins continuously to actuate in one direction, and reverse the polarity to actuate to the opposite tank. The single wire gives you +12 or ground (+12v for the left tank, ground for the right). So, if you use at normally open DPDT relay designed for weatherproof applications, you can use this valve with the single wire output to appropriately actuate this valve and use it on the truck without tearing your whole wiring system apart to accommodate this valve design. Just epoxy the relay to the valve or mount it nearby where it's convenient. Also, be aware you'll need a connector that fits this valve, which doesn't come in the box. I understand 80's vintage trucks can use this as designed, but not mid 70's trucks.”
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