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So the duramax diesel version of the oil cooler has the line attachments in the same  location as the 6.0L with the only difference being the connection size, thats a great bit of information, thank you for posting.  Do you have the part # handy or is it just 2017-2019 diesel transcooler and it will pop up?

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i'll have to order that cooler for my HD on a side note , I thought i'de share this for you guys running the 6 speed






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On 7/15/2020 at 3:31 PM, elgavilan123 said:

It pulls the toy hauler fairly well, but my 6.0 has shortie headers, 3.5 to 4" magnaflow exhaust, cold air intake and a performance tune by Blackbear performance. On some of the really large hills it will drop into second gear and maintain 52 - 53 mph. The hills going into Payson and from Payson to the top of the rim are the worst. I have a Magnuson supercharger on the way that will add around 120 hp and torque. Mileage runs around 7 or 8 on flat ground running 65 - 67 mph.

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i'm not sure what the stock  stall is, or how much torque the zl1 converter can take, but I can see  you got serious chain of upgrades after the Magnusun gets tuned in.


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On 7/15/2020 at 11:22 AM, elgavilan123 said:

The diesel cooler is available online and on ebay for around $150 to $160. The diesel cooler fittings are 20mm setrab fittings and I could not find any thing that stepped it down to the smaller size other than going to - AN fittings. I found a 20mm male with a - 6 AN female and then a transmission line kit with the proper fittings for that. The online hose kit goes for about $160-$175 and includes the transmission fitting.

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Thanks for the thread it started me looking for a proper adapter.  I also used the logic that if the 2016 diesel version fits in the gas version, by extension a PPE Part 124064000 should also fit, since they state its a drop in fitment for the 2015-2016 trucks.  i have noticed the 2017 has a diff part # compared to the 2016 re factory coolers and believe the diff is how the connection is clocked.  the 2016 seems to face directly out and one that's parallel with cooler.  The 2017 based on rockauto shows one facing at a 45 to the front and one parallel.


Either way i think i've come across some potential adaptors, one in theory shouldn't need any more space to fit the other I'm not sure how big it is.


  • I've come across an adapter for a Chrysler part # 52119547AA  or dorman part # 800-723 that appears to have the correct quick connect and the correct male threads.  According to the diesel version of the quick connector on dorman its a 7/8-14 thread male which is what started me down this path.  The gas version is a 3/4-16 male thread on the quick connector for the cooler lines.


  • another adaptor that came up was a Lawson Products 7/18-14 x 3/4-16 hydraulic reducer adaptor which should allow to reuse the gas quick connector and this part to connect into a diesel factory or upgraded aftermarket unit.  


I  haven't yet ordered the above parts to validate, but was going to start with the Diesel vs the chyrsler part number.  to ensure the threads are the same.  Hope this helps.  for the ~$200 for the factory part i'd rather spend the added ~150 on the PPE version.



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This.... This is why I like to be on fourms. This is perfect information and a great upgrade!!

Thanks for sharing [emoji109]

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I am looking at doing this as well as adding and external spin on filter, just a few questions. 1 what size thread is the fittings on the diesel transmission cooler 2 what size thread are the fittings on the gas transmission cooler 3 what size thread is the fitting on the radiator that the pipe to the cooler is? I plan on doing AN lines and would like to have all the fittings I need before I tear it apart. Thanks in advance for the response. 

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