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My 2020 Sierra 3500 dually lugging on easy acceleration

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8070 miles  
So as I take off from a stop sign the truck seems to be lugging  and I guess you’d call it bucking. If I hard accelerate it goes away. It’s only at low rpm. It’s at the dealer now for three days and they tell me they are talking to Gm engineers and truck could be there for a week or two minimum! Obviously after spending 90k$  Not what I want to hear. They’ve never had this problem before. I did need to put it in four wheel drive for a few min to get out of some loose sand on construction site. But put it back in 2 wheel with no problem. Anyone have this problem. Of course I’m also supposed to be going on a 1500 mile trip in ten days. Not feeling real comfortable with this truck now!! Please help!!!

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      I am about to buy a 6.6L Duramax 14' 2500hd Sierra with 136K on it. But I just learned it has a small heating core leak, the dealer is replacing the whole core prior to purchase. Should I proceed with this purchase? Or is this the sign of this truck going down hill. The service recorded were regular until 2018 then the car fax no longer shows any updates.  
      Any help would be appreciated, I have a 92 Sierra with a 5.7L small block so the diesel world I am not as comfortable with. Also do not want a newer truck as I do not want to deal with DEF and I would not be able to do a delete. 
    • By OSXROB
      Hey Everyone-
      I have a 2022 AT4 (5700mi) and its it has a shudder/hesitation during steady and/or light throttle acceleration between 25 and 70 MPH.  Anyone else experiencing this or has and got it "fixed".  Reproduced it for a ride along with the dealer, but need to figure out a plan or approach to fix this.  They have mentioned maybe a fuel injector, maybe a new transmission....

      Thoughts? Recommendations?  

      Also, what site does everyone use to search for TSB's?
    • By ChevySlut
      Chevrolet recommends AC Delco Diesel Exhaust Fluid in 2021 Sliverado HD Duramax. Is their a difference in AC Vs Blue? Most  Stores don't carry AC brand.. is it worth ordering online or is any DEF fluid okay? 
    • By 04z71crew
      Brand new oem bosch injectors for an LML 2011 through 2016. 
      $2,600 for the complete set of (8) shipped anywhere in the contiguous U.S.  NO cores are required. 

    • By jacob keese
      I am looking to add an elevated idle feature to my 2018 Chevy sliverado 3500 duramax Dually. My truck is currently not set up with the pto feature. I currently idle my truck for about an hour a day and I am wanting to add an elevated idle to get my truck to operating temp faster to prolong the life of my truck. What are y’all adding to the truck for aftermarket parts to achieve this since the dealer is saying it’s not possible with gm parts. What else are y’all running for tuners to increase mpg that will work great with a fully deleted truck. 
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