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Help with catch can install

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Installed an Elite E2000 catch can on my 2019 6.2 today. Everything was pretty straight forward until I thought I was done and started it up. I can hear A LOT of vacuum sucking at the pcv/valve cover. The lines have a factory style snap on fitting at the pcv port and it is completely snapped on and seated. Anyone have any ideas of why I'm hearing this? I'm 99.9% sure it is installed correctly. 

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May wanna snap a pic of the install for everyone. I've had catch cans on my trucks and performance cars, never heard a sound. Did you open the can before install? On one of mine the bottom wasn't screwed on all the way. I've had elite cans and can't remember any issue or special extra procedure for installation but on a different brand, there was some kind of release tab inside it. 

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It's difficult to tell exactly where the sound is coming from. I initially thought it was at the pcv connection point. I even took the can out of the mount while still hooked up to check it and it didn't seem to be coming from the can. After doing some searches this is apparently "normal" even though the consensus is that it comes from the can. I think it's really loud. Can hear it from 10 ft away. I don't like it at all. Will be calling elite engineering Monday and will see how good their customer service is. 

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2 hours ago, Anakalypto said:

What does a catch can do?

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If you have enough ring blow by to push oil into the intake it catches oil.


If you don't...it catches money.



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I have the same one and haven’t noticed any noises. Do you have the O ring installed on the can where it screws together? Probably but just another idea [emoji2373]

Ryan B.

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I have talked to elite engineering. They admitted that some cans do it and others don't and they don't really know why. Which is concerning. They suggested trying to hook the lines together to pinpoint if it was a side effect of the lines or the can but I'm not going out and buying new fittings to hook them together. They then suggested taping them together. Ummmm. Ok. They also suggested shortening the hoses as much as possible, which I am going to do. But they have offered a refund if I'm not satisfied. So we will see. Haven't had time to mess with it the past few days. 

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