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Denali 2013 vs 2014 Differences For Comment

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I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the correct forum, but I'm looking at either a 2012/2013 or the newer 2014/2015 sierra 1500 Denali.  The truck will be used primarily as a daily driver and only for occasional towing.


I'm curious as to what truck owners that have owned one or both of the denali models think about ride quality, handling, braking and power.  I've read that long term reliability of the mag ride in the 2014 and newer models can be a problem in the Illinois salt climate and that the non-mag ride is much firmer.  I'd also read that the older 2013 models tend to ride smoother.  I also understand that the newer models have 4x4 vs the AWD system of the older models.  Of course there is the power difference in the engines and the AFM issue in some of the newer engines.  And the cab interior of the 2014 is an upgrade, but how comfortable are the seats?


If one had the choice of a lower (maybe 80k) mileage well cared for 2013 model vs a higher (maybe 120k) mileage well cared for 2014 model, which would you vote for and why?  thanks for the comments

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Have a 2007.5 - 2013 GMT900 and 2014 - 2018 k2xx in the family.

I bought a SLT because I wanted max tow package and did NOT want magnaride complexity and failures.

Both are good trucks. I’d say go for a K2xx over a GMT900.

GM really cheap on interior materials. Cracking dashboards, peeling chrome door handles, texture wearing off climate controls are some of the common cosmetic issues. Denali comes with 6.2 standard. 6.2 avail on sle lt and slt Ltz. 6.2 and AWD really kill mpg. No 4x4 low, high or 2wd in Denali awd. Some prefer awd some dislike.

nearly identical frame and suspension as GMT900
More power and better mpg
Thin paint
Exploding rear window (recall or pull fuse for rear window defrost)
Sheet metal is thin on both generations
Test drive 60 - 80mph to make sure it doesn’t have the “Chevy shake”
Both gens have AFM. K2xx more complex with high pressure fuel pump and vacuum pump failures on gen1 pump design.

That’s all off the top of my head for now.

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2014 denali is light years ahead of the 2013 denali.


infact there’s hardly any difference between the 2014 denali and the 2020 denali.


2013 is a dinosaur. It’s a reliable dinosaur though.


Get the 2014 for sure. If AC already was already fixed and all the recalls done, it will be just as reliable as any other k2xx.

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