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Line-X rocker panels?

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I have some chipped paint in front of the rear tire from gravel. I’m thinking about putting Line-X on the rocker panels to cover it and get the bed sprayed at the same time. The truck is black (pictured) and I’ve found several color options for Line-X (also pictured). Any opinions on color or photos from those who have done it? I plan on adding a stainless steel running board soon also.



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They can custom tint to oem color. I would do that with the “extra” so it doesn’t fade. 

personally I wouldn’t do the rockers especially if you’re in a state with salted roads. If it gets below it will help promote rust. 

Saying that, it can come out well, I’ve done it before I just wouldn’t do it again, most of my issues with it is any rubs or good hits it will look bad or peel away from the body. Probably a non issue from a daily driver and could be touched up if ever needed. 

Inside out outside is line-x. Outside is a oem Toyota red for the fj40. The door is after a really good hit to a rock but I had others over the vehicle that occurred from much lighter bumps.  spacer.pngCED526F8-8959-48B9-AE58-FE14EBE476E4.thumb.jpeg.a2e6700649bc40eaba0b3f744f3b5f96.jpeg



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Had it done to my last truck, worked well but it did fade with time, going from black to a greyish black color.  May want to think about a contrasting color due to this, mine was red with black rockers..  Also unless they do a good job scuffing the paint beforehand it may start to peel off on the bottom, however that didn't start to happen for eight years.


Also I drove the truck for ten years in a area where heavy salt is used (Nebraska) and did not have any rust issues with the truck, I did make a point of spraying off the underside after every snow storm though.


This time round I went with the clear paint protecting film, not enough time to be able to say how well it works yet.


John K

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J A K, did you have the Line-X extra?  My '11 F150 i sold when i got my AT4 had the bedliner sprayed in sometime in 2011. Zero fade when i sold with the extra last year. I've had fading issues on past trucks and different bed liner products, but the product worked well overall. 


The Toyota above had the extra applied as well, i only kept it for 3-4 years after finishing the build that but never saw any signs of fading although that stayed in a garage out of the sun unlike my truck.

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I did the line X ultra color match by paint code on front and rear bumpers. I ended up selling the bumpers and going with painted, the color match just never looked right with the metallic flake on my color.  Looked too shiny when it was clean, looked good when it was dirty though.

Left the lower middle and valance because I liked it. I think black and white trucks look the best with the linex color match, rocker panels would look pretty cool on yours. 


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