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WTH is up with all the ADS on this forum?

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Brand new to THIS forum. Member of many other forums.... this one has to be THE worst one I have seen with ADS all over the pages. I can't make anything out? All the good information is buried on my screen with 10, 20, 30 ads, not to mention the one pinned ON my screen while I navigate? WTH? What's the point of even coming here if you can't see anything because a page is literally littered with advertisements. Most of which are to buy a Chevy or GMC. Guess what? I just bought one, that's why I'm here! eBay, oil, house refi (two in a row one after the other advertising the exact same thing).... dang! Ditch the ads... what a mess.

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Yeah I get it too... but I counted 17 ads on one page... half of them the same ad. I couldn't decipher half the info on the page from other users because it was all a jumbled mess. Paying the bills, and frustrating your audience are worlds apart in this case, and they are doing the latter. It's bullshit really.

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33 minutes ago, aseibel said:

Adblock Plus


Good call. Huge difference! ?
edit: actually went with Nortons free version, but the premise is the same. This is the first forum where this was a necessity. 

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1 minute ago, Nuts4Camaros said:

Good call. Huge difference! ?

I installed it a couple weeks ago after recommendation from another member on another thread complaining about ads on here. It has made a big difference on the entire web, not just this site.

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6 minutes ago, aseibel said:

I installed it a couple weeks ago after recommendation from another member on another thread complaining about ads on here. It has made a big difference on the entire web, not just this site.

Yeah, once I restarted the browser it was night and day difference. I can actually READ this forum now... which is nice. I just got my 2020 6.2 SLT and I'm already stalking mod forums and problem forums. Radio didn't come on with the truck this morning, just NAV. Wanted to see if anyone was talking about this in a forum, and I was floored by the number of junk ads all over my screen. An adblocker is a must! Wonder how my other sites will look now? ?

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