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I haven’t noticed any difference, ride quality wise since adding the factory lift to my 2020 SLT.  It’s obviously not a big lift, just big enough for my bad knee to notice when climbing in.  That being said, if I could go back, I’d have went with a 4 or 6” aftermarket lift for less money.  I had about 1700 tied up in the factory lift.  

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On 9/18/2020 at 11:38 AM, Gangly said:

I've mentioned it on multiple occasions now but my factory Rancho's on my Z71 did great off roading.  They are definitely a softer shock but that's what I want when off road because it keeps the truck from beating the snot out of me.  I have a little over 15k miles on my truck right now and the shocks are getting too soft, but I'll install the Eibachs sitting on the work bench soon enough.  Remember though, a stiff suspension isn't exactly a great thing when off road driving unless you want your fillings to rattle out of your teeth.  Soft and smooth can be a good thing when hitting fire roads and sendero's.

I tried the 5100s on my 14...harsh ride and secondary vibrations.  ranchos are great imo

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On 9/14/2020 at 6:03 PM, bmdupont said:

I would like to have the factory lift added to my 2020 Sierra 1500 Elevation.  I spoke with the dealership and they said GM has them replacing the rear springs in additional to the lift.


Has anyone done this and can speak to if it changed their ride quality?  Parts guy said the elevation has weaker springs?  I would like to do the factory lift vs aftermarket to avoid voiding the warranty.




Hey, did you end up adding GM lift to your truck ?

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i have a 3in lift on my elevation......no problems and rides very well for 20 inch rims, too big imo (my 2019 RST with 18s rode better stock vs elevation stock), 17s or 18s would be alot better.......i had a bad experience with fabtech so will never use them again


i do need to drop the differential couple of inches but havent found a kit yet, so no 4wd until i do.....i can still go up another inch in front with the kit i have on and would perfectly level the truck but without a  drop kit not gonna do it


also running a UCA 


i didnt want to use spacers so have an AT4 adjustable strut/spring combo with block in rear........the spring adds 1 inch of height over stock spring


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