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Tire size with level kit??

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Welcome to this forum!  You will find some very helpful information on this site.  The question you have asked is a popular topic and using the search feature will save you some time.  BTW I am not a fan of this forum's search feature and use Google's instead.  

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Haha, I’ve asked this question also. It does seem like the collective knowledge base here could provide a quicker answer. Probably would take less time to type 275/60/20(not the answer). [emoji23][emoji23]


I’ve researched, and haven’t necessarily found a 100% solid (to me) answer. Depends on rims too, and the height of mine after leveling isn’t as high as some I’ve seen, measured from ground to fender. So, I’ll probably be conservative and go rims and stock sized, more aggressive tires. I don’t want to trim anything.



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Also, I have the same tire fitment questions everyone has. What to know what is the largest tire I can fit on 18 in rims with my 2020 AT4? Can I do 285 or 295 /70's or 75's. I know the speedo will be off a bit, but I am looking for a slightly different ride. Like the one on my old 2006 HUMMER H2. 


I know makes no sense, but its what I like....



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56 minutes ago, Tom D said:

I still cannot figure out two things. One is the search on this site is not very precise. How do you use google search instead?

For example, in the Google search box type 2020 silverado max tire size gm forum  You will get plenty of hits including this thread.

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Looking good, a more aggressive tire on a nice aluminum rim that isn't a 20 looks excellent (more tire less rim is best). It looks nose high, I take it you didn't add a rear block to keep some rake? Also did you adjust your headlights down? That is going to piss off on coming traffic quite a bit...



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Your truck turned out great, I really like that look. Very clean. I would also encourage you to adjust your headlights slightly. Simple phillips head screwdriver and 30 seconds of your time.


I know there's a lot of these threads but I never get the answer I'm looking for. That's probably because nobody's done it-LOL. I want to add LT275/65R20 tires which sounds like the overwhelming popular size to go with when leveled. But I don't want the 2" level, I am only looking to increase 1.5".  For those of you that can look, say wheel fully turned and in reverse... how much room do you have until your kissing the liner/mud flap? Eye-balling it if your front was lowered by 0.5" (ie 1.5" level instead of 2.0") do you think it would rub? Tire size fit with minor trimming? Or have to do major trimming/or not fit at all.


Thanks. I'm towing more so want 1.5" up front and a 2.0" block in the rear to start with. This hopefully would get me just clear enough for better larger LT/E-rated tires and leveled when hooked to the trailer.

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