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Anybody Miss their K2?


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My 14 GMC was the quietest best riding P/U I’d ever owned. It had everything I wanted. I was close to retirement it was going to be around awhile. I thought the six speed was perfect. It had the E-85 option, perfect gearing and I could tune it. My plans included a whipple. I joined this site got familiar with cylinder deactivation and what that involves. That’s sent me backwards to what I drive now.

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On 10/4/2020 at 4:22 AM, Grumpy Bear said:

I had three girls and a 76 Corvette all five of us rode in. They sat in the cubby and looked out the back window.  But it was not my


Point is...it really isn't a space problem...is it?   Nah....I'll keep what I have for as long as I can. 14 grandkids won't put me in a T1 CCSB. 



I guess you're not familiar with the size of rear facing car seats these days lol. It barely even fits with the front seat all the way up. With what I'm being offered on my trade in and the deals they're giving on trucks my payment will be the same and I will just have to pay on it a couple more years so it's a win win.. If my truck was paid off, I might be more inclined to wait but, I'm being offered like 3-4 grand more than I was 3 months ago..

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things I miss about my 14

-prefer traditional tailgate handle. Have a hard time getting my tailgate released with the button because tonneau  cover has a bit of pressure on tailgate and sometimes takes 10 tries with the stupid button to get open.  

-14 rode smoother

-14 had a bit softer seats

-14 had actually better lighting with a more effective high beam. 19 looks more modern though

-14 had much better radio FM range 


Everything else on my 19 RST is much better. Many feel the interior needs updating, but I find it practical and allot of small improvements were made. Not everything is perfect on my 19 and I would improve a couple things, but I do find the competition is compromised in one way or another as well. 



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On 10/10/2020 at 10:52 AM, TA^Guy said:

Things I wish they had changed.

  • No more mast antenna (really, what's this 1980?  I think this is the only modern vehicle that still has this)

Pretty much all full-size trucks still have a fixed mast antenna. The only one that doesn't is the new-gen Ram. 

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I've had the T1 for about 5 days.. Things I miss on the K2: Power adjust pedals, old school tilt steering wheel, regular tailgate handle (going to look into swapping one from a lower trim truck) seems like a disaster in the making if I hit the button while parked too close to something...  Besides that I do not miss the shitty old 6 speed trans this 8 speed really puts the power down better, I love the dual exhaust on the z71 package, new 4x4 controls make more sense, sport mode is nice, seats fit me better, bigger back seat is def nice on the crew vs double cab!

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I traded in my 2017 LTZ Z71 for my 2020 TB and here's what I miss on the old truck

  • Factory Navigation
  • Power Passenger Seat
  • GM Performance (Borla) Dual Exhaust
  • Better bucket seats.

All the above is washed away on my TB when I stomp on the pedal unleashing the awesomeness of 6.2L of power :)



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Okay just hit about 2000 miles on the 2020 RST 5.3 8speed 4x4 crew cab.

Exterior styling
Transmission shifting much better
Crew cab is great compared to the double cab.

Interior comfort
Interior controls, 4 wheel drive buttons suck, cruise control buttons are just silly.
Driver seating position;
The steering wheel comes out of the dash way to low.
The steering wheel doesn’t have a separate tilt function.
Gauges are cheap looking
Brake pedal is too close to the driver
Power adjust pedals are no longer an option.
Steering wheel is too small in diameter
Arm rests don’t allow one to rest their arm while driving very comfortably IMO. Hoping when I get the center console swap done that this is improved.
Seats bottoms are too small, rounded on the front edges.

Would I do it again? I’d probably buy a low mileage 2018 honestly if used truck prices weren’t so out of control. May look at trading for a Ram. IMO the T1 series is a downgrade in driver comfort compared to the K2 trucks.

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My 2018 LT rode better, had better seating, and would idle so smoothly at 500 RPM's it was amazing. It also handled a little better. But, by 3,800 miles had been out of service for 2 different 2 week stretches for a no start condition. The third time with no start and towing to the dealership was it's farewell.


At 7,700 miles the 2020 hasn't been towed yet and has not failed to start so I'm ahead there. I'm tweaking the seat position and getting more comfortable and the ride may have something to do with the factory General all season tires vs. the Bridgestone street tires that were on the 2018. The 2020 feels longer and wider.


With the current fuel management system I don't know if the 2020 will ever idle like the 2018 did. It seems to be fighting the auto shut off even when I have that turned off. 


My left leg instinctively pushes the parking brake even while my finger is on the button for the electric one, so I am still adjusting to that. 45 years of stomping the pedal is a hard habit to break.


If I hadn't totally lost confidence in the 2018 after the 3rd breakdown for the same issue, I would still have it.

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