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Close any door and get three chirps

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After 15 months of ownership my 2019 GMC Denali 3500 started giving 3 chirps every time any of the four doors was closed.  In Setting/Vehicle there is nothing in the menu to catch this.  The Gm tech who called didn’t have an idea at this point.  I should add that the keys are outside the truck with me.  And, it chirps when I close the door when I’m inside with the key in the ignition and the truck running.  

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Like mentioned above, mine will do this if I leave the remote in the vehicle.  Check to make sure your second remote isn't in the vehicle as well by leaving your primary set in the house while trying to enter and start your truck.  If your able to enter and start your truck while your main set of keys is in the house, then you need to start searching the truck for your second set.

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No keys in the truck at all.  But, catch this, the problem stopped the next day!  Just posting on this site produces miracles, I guess.  Or, there is something in the alarm system (not he software) that I hit when poking around in and under the dashboard.  GM in the meantime didn’t have a clue.  Anyone out there figure it out?


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    • By murphys_law93
      Hi, new member here! I've read a lot of helpful posts on this site and decided to join.
      It appears that by means of motor vehicles, some force in the cosmos is hell-bent on driving me insane, as every ridiculously simple process must be infinitely difficult and dreadful.
      Today's ridiculousness involves programing a key fob in my 2006 Silverado Z71 4x4. I've had the truck a couple weeks and it came with no key fobs. I decided to buy 2 from Amazon after noticing the truck has the AU0 RPO code, as well as power unlocks/windows, and no key cylinder on the passenger door. 
      I've read the process online, watched youtube videos, yet when I try I am unsuccessful, and can't find anything related to the issue I am having. 
      So here's the process:
      -key out, door open, sitting in driver seat-
      -shut door, insert key. Push and hold unlock, turn on-off-on-off (I've also tried on-acc-on-acc per some advice from another post on this forum). The moment the key passes the "ACC" point on the ignition cylinder the 2nd time, the doors locks cycle, and I release my finger from the unlock (exactly the same as every video I've seen on YouTube".
      The issue is, about 2-3 seconds after the door locks cycle and I've released my finger from the unlock button, the door locks will automatically cycle a 2nd time, and the horn will beep once. No matter how long I hold the lock and unlock button on the remotes, there is no response from the truck and the fobs will not work. 
      Interestingly enough, no matter how carefully I perform the sequence or even if I'm trying to botch it, I get the exact same results. The door locks will cycle normally, then 2-3 seconds later cycle again and beep. This happens whether the driver door is open, or shut, or even if I have the truck on before starting the process. If I press the unlock-lock in the truck a million times after I release my finger, or if I just keep holding, no  matter how many times I've tried releasing the unlock at different times, if I pour gasoline all over the driver door and set it on fire, drive it into the lake and perform it underwater holding my breath, it doesn't matter and I get the same response from the truck. 
      No check engine lights, no security light issues, no abs lights, nothing else at all that suggests there's any wiring issues with the truck, everything works as it should. 
      I have found one other post on the entire interwebz with someone having the same issue of the door locks cycling a 2nd time and the beep, but no helpful responses or solutions. So, has anyone ran into this issue before or have any advice? I'll be posting a video on youtube and adding the link later. Picture of RPO sticker attached.

    • By 71sbeetle
      So, I just picked up my 2017 Sierra yesterday and ever since we got home, I get this weird electronic chirp when I start it. I didn't hear it during the test drive because I didn't start the truck myself.
      It seems to come from the speaker, and it has the Bose (center console so I think 6 speakers and a sub?) if that makes any difference. What is that thing lol
    • By prstaples
      Hi All,
      I have a 2015 Sierra with the 6.2/8-speed combo that I love. It has about 4500 miles on it. Shortly after my first tow experience with a camper at 2000 miles the engine started to squeak or chirp. It starts around 1200 RPM and then dies off before the next shift point. Then it starts again. It happens at all speeds, particularly on the highway while in higher gears. It is not the exhaust flapper valve as I have a Corsa cat back exhaust that sounds great. It makes the same, but more subdued sound when revving the engine in Park or Neutral. It does not make the noise when coasting or slowing down so I assume it is valve train (lifter?), AFM or exhaust related. I bought an AFM disabler (not currently mounted) and it still made the noise. It comes from directly in front of the driver, possibly behind or just below the firewall.
      I have been to two separate dealers. One hears it, the other cannot replicate it. The one that hears it says nothing appears wrong so they will not pursue it further. This is fine until something fails with a 7000 lb trailer on the hitch in the middle of Missouri.
      Does anyone any any experience with this kind of noise? Here are some videos. Crank the volume and listen for a squeak or pinging sound.
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