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Keyless entry

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So I recently purchased a 2005 Chevy Silverado 1500. It did not come with a key fob, so I went to my local locksmith and purchased a key fob for it. I followed the programming instructions and after holding down the unlock button and switching the ignition on off on off, the door locks cycled with some honking and then a couple seconds later they cycle again with more honking. After trying every variation I can think of and find on the internet I still cannot get the fob to program. I took the truck to my local Chevy dealer and they said that it is a work truck model and as such it did not come with a receiver. It has power mirrors, locks and windows and goes into programming mode, so I'm wondering if there is a way to add the receiver.

1; Does anyone know if the harness is present and I just need a receiver? Or do I need a harness to go with it?

2; If I can just get a receiver do I need to have someone program the ecu to recognize it or does it just automatically pick it up?


Any help would be appreciated. I'm already 80 deep with just the fob.

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I would suggest first going through the RPO codes for your truck, or get a build sheet for it, and then see if you do have remote locks or not (the P.O. for my truck told me it didn't, but looking through the RPO codes I found out it had, bought some cheap FOBs and it was good to go).


If it doesn't, I don't know what it takes to add support for it.

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I had this very same problem with my 2000 silverado 1500. I want to say I purchased a brand new keyfob back in 2011 maybe? It was like 75 bucks at the time and I went back and forth with the manufacturer via email and phone getting the darn thing to work.

My truck would go into programming mode (cycling the locks like it's supposed to) but wouldn't cycle the locks after both unlock/lock buttons were pressed simultaneously for any amount of time.

The Keyfob worked with the keyfob signal tester at the auto parts store. Had to be something wrong with the truck right?

So, I replace the wireless signal module deep in the dash...no luck. I'm embarrassed about how long of a time I spent researching and working on this.... One day I was working on another problem and unplugged the ECU/computer connectors and cleaned them with electronics cleaner and a lil' dielectric grease - and I have no idea if this helped or not but it might be relevant.

Anyway a week or so later (this was last year), I was on Amazon and randomly saw the keyfobs are like $10 now. So I added it to my cart with some other stuff.

It came in the mail and for ****** and giggles, I tried to program this one and wouldn't you know it, it worked.

After 8 years without that god damn key fob man....I want my 2011's $75.00 back.


I don't really know what was different other than that the cheap one on Amazon worked. Oh yeah and the old one I bought for $75 was still in the center console, still wouldn't program either so I chunked it.

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