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1/2" Spacers on 2019 with ReadyLift 4" SST

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I just purchased a 2019 RST that came with a 4" readylift,  1/4" spacers, 295/65/r20 toyos on the stock rims already installed.  I noticed recently that it looks like my upper control arms are being rubbed by the tires either when i go full lock or maybe when I hit bumps.  I was wondering if anyone has installed the 1/2" spacer on this type of setup and had any troubles.

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Reading about the SST lift from Ready Lift (I'm actually going to go with the SST lift for the Trail Boss), they require a 20" wheel with a +0 offset.  The 18" factory wheel hasn't been tested by Ready Lift, but I think it does sit too close to the larger upper control arm.  1/2" spacers should do the trick, but I'd be more concerned about not having enough thread on the lug nuts.

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I know when you start getting into lifting trucks some sacrifices have to made but I really like the stock wheels and the tires size that is on them.  A friend of mine with the same lift just got 1/2" spacers and they seem to be working.  Installer said he had just enough thread for them to feel comfortable about putting them on.  I worry though.  Last think i want is wheel to come flying off.  haha. 


Other than the occasional rubbing on the tire is there any real harm being done to the truck by letting it rub?  I am damned if i do or damned if don't in this situation?

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That tire is too wide for the stock wheels and the UCA's in the sst kit. You have to stay below a 11.5 in order to not rub.


A lot of people with the 18's are going 285/75/18 for a true 35 that is only like 11.3 wide in order to not rub. Id assume that the factory 20's with the same offset would still need to be under that 11.5

As for readylift saying to not use 4auto its because of how the system engages when in that mode that can put extra stress on the front diff in sort of a jolting fashion. This is made worse with the lift when you don't drop the pumpkin like the larger kits will almost all do. They aren't saying you cant use it they are saying it increases the risk of damage due to how it operates

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