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Speed Controlled Volume on aftermarket radio

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I need help gentlemen... 


I drive a 2006 Duramax LT aftermarket pioneer radio, and for the past week, speed controlled volume has been turned on. I have NO idea how it got turned and I have NO idea how to turn it off. Please somebody help me figure this out. This is the most aggravating feature I have ever dealt with.


Thanks in advance.. 

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Ive downloaded radio manual and found nothing in manual that talks about auto volume or speed controlled volume feature on my radio. So I assumed its something to do with truck. there are procedures to reset engine oil light and other reset features to do with pressing gas pedal and tapping brake pedal while truck is in run position( without the truck running ). I thought there is a possibility this might turn this feature on??? Again, I have NO idea how I turned this feature

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I'm not aware of any GMT800 trucks having a speed-controlled volume feature from GM.  Could it possibly be something has failed on your truck, say perhaps the alternator, so the voltage is varying with engine speed?

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ive checked voltage, alternator and batteries are in good working condition. the voltage is low when i first crank truck, once It begins to move and drive, voltage increases to regular working status. no voltage fluctuation while driving. the only reason I mentioned the gas and brake pedal reset features is, my 2 year old son played in front seat while i cleaned back seat. im wondering if he may have, coincidently, input a turn on sequence with the pedals. lol I cant seem to find a list of pedal sequences to back my theory or any evidence to support that. 

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Well, the feature would be described in the owners manual for the truck if it were available, and I've read mine and it doesn't have anything like it.  And while the OEM radio technically has access to that info via the onboard computer signals, your radio doesn't (or at least it is HIGHLY unlikely, as I never came across a plug-in non-oem radio for GMT800 trucks when shopping for radios).  So next up would be the 3rd party harness, if whoever installed the radio used one, having this feature.  Again, highly unlikely, I never came across one with an option like that when I researched harnesses for my truck.


However, if you really want to figure it out:

first, figure out the make/model of the harness used to connect the radio to the truck, then see if it's hooked up correctly and see if it has this volume/speed feature.

second, figure out if it's vehicle speed related vs engine speed related.

Third, if it's vehicle speed related, then check if it still happens if you have the rear wheels up on jackstands and you put it in gear.

Fourth, take out the radio (but leaving it plugged in) and start testing voltages going into it and coming out of it to see what's changing.


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