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Cameras Don't wok with Tailgate Removed

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None of the cameras work after pulling the power tailgate.  Pulled the tailgate to load a slide in truck camper.  Had to disconnect the power for the power tailgate and the camera plug for the tailgate camera.  Looks like I need to find something to plug back into the tailgate camera plug in order to complete the circuit for the camera system.  I found a GM generic camera part number 84676845 but it's the camera only, no wire connection.  Checked some audio vid places but their plugs don't match the GM connection above the spare tire.   Pic # 1 is the power plug (black) and camera plug (white) from the tailgate.  Pic 2 is the white camera plug desperately looking for a new plug mate. Any thoughts???

TG Camera 1.jpg

TG Camera 2.jpg

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    • By brulosopher
      Removed my tailgate earlier this week to have it painted, reinstalled it yesterday and made sure to connect the harness properly. The backup camera works fine, but whenever I try to open the tailgate, either by pressing the button on the tailgate or using my key fob, the taillights flash 3 times and the tailgate doesn't open. From within the cab, I hear a faint clicking, but no error code or anything shows on any display.
      I have the "power lock and release" standard tailgate, not power lift or multipro.
      Any help fixing this would be much appreciated! 
    • By Outdoors_Guy_88
      I have a 2015 Sierra "Work truck" with manual tailgate key lock (no remote electronic opening or camera; plain latch).  The lock has worked great up until now.  (Normally, turning the key 1/4 turn to the left unlocks the tailgate by engaging the latch handle.)
      Now, I can turn the key just short of the unlock position (turns freely, like usual, not gritty or rusty or sticky), but then the lock binds.  Feels like something internally fell into the mechanism is preventing the lock cylinder from turning the last little bit.  Therefore, my latch handle will not engage to open the tailgate.
      Is this a known/common problem?  Fixes?
    • By tripledistilledian
      Hi, I'm new here and I wanted to ask if anyone knows anything about fixing the tailgate latch rods on a 2005 GMC Sierra. When I bought the truck, the tailgate wouldn't open but I thought all it needed was a replacement latch because the connecting pins were gone. I replaced the tailgate latch itself because i needed to anyway, but the rod on the right is stuck in place. Does anyone know what might be the problem? The left rod moves freely, but the right one is stuck. Thanks for any help.
    • By Bazel
      I purchased my 2020, 2500 Duramax in September. I ordered it with the all of the trailering features.
      I also ordered an auxiliary camera to attach my travel trailer, which I installed in November. 
      It worked great for the first two months.
      Six weeks ago it stopped working completely. 
      I tried every combination of plugging and unplugging, cleaning connectors, switching between the interior and exterior jack.  
      Finally, I removed it from the trailer and took it to a Chevy dealer.
      They let me plug it into one of their trucks to see if it was the camera or my truck that was the issue.
      The camera did not work on their truck either.
      Chevy sent me a replacement camera under warranty, which I received last week.
      After installing it, it worked great for two days, then stopped.
      Has anyone else had similar problems?  

      Thank You
    • By ZeeDunny
      Just picked up a Denali Grille w/ camera and am wondering if anyone has done the install themselves and ran into any issues hooking up the camera? I’ve only seen a few videos online of the new body style sierra grille replacement but am unsure if the camera addition will give me any issues. All help appreciated!  
      Will be posting before and after photos as well??
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