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Food & Drink

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This is the one I've used recently. It's pretty good. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/23600/worlds-best-lasagna/ Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk

So da wifey did me a solid buying a Handle of Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Handing it to me she comments. "It allot of money if you don't happen to like it". (She also boug

No wonder you married her.🥰😍😁

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6 hours ago, shakenfake said:

The calorie thing is the most true.

I think a lot of people forget that when dealing with fads... 


Did you know that a gallon of gasoline contains about 30,000 calories? About the same as 86.45 lbs. of potatoes!!


The calorie is just an unit of energy. We consume it and we expend it. Just like a SBC. We do so at an efficiency of roughly 25% or about the same as the SBC (early iron Gen 1). Unlike humans however the SBC can not store energy. 



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Root Vegetables and Tubers at Breakfast 


Breakfast is my favorite meal. I have time to prepare it without becoming so hungry that I "Wolf" it down ergo, I actually enjoy it the most of any meal of the day. 


Fact is I could eat the same thing every day of my life without becoming bored or repelled. However as I don't have to, I don't and I love to experiment in the kitchen. 


Recently, thanks to dads garden, I've been reintroduced to things we ate as children the faded away in my adult life. It started with this years crop of beets and dad explaining bleed free prep but they are not so much a breakfast sort of thing. 


Plain old potatoes are center stage normally but recent concerns for calories and blood chemistry are leading me down a different path. Root vegetables and tubers. Turnips. Rutabaga. Parsnips. Carrots. Celeriac. Fennel. Ginger. Radish. Jicama.  Some are familiar and used commonly. Onions and potatoes? Who doesn't love that. But some we (I) just have never seen used and that is changing. 


I traded half the potatoes for diced carrots this morning and yes some white onion fried in a half tablespoon of soybean oil. (Crisco Vegetable oil). Salt and pepper. It was good. Tomorrow I'll try some turnips and fennel.


If you have ideas and/or experiences with these share them please!!  

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Turnip Experiment


A few nights ago I low boiled in skin two soft ball sized turnips for 40 minutes. (to long. I'll try 30 minutes next time.) Pealed and sliced into 1/4" slices, packaged and put in the frig. 


This AM I diced, 1/4" dice about a 100 grams of them along with 40 grams of diced white onion. After frying up a slice of smoked (hickory) bacon and adding 1/2 tablespoon of soybean oil to heat, I fried the turnip/onion mix until the onions were translucent and beginning to brown then added the bacon in a fine dice and a bit of pepper. No salt. Bacon does that. Dished that up for a taste. It was quiet good AND when I logged that into my app I was surprised to find that turnips have about 1/4 the calorie density of potatoes!! 


So how did they taste/ Pretty darn good but I on first bite I said to myself...red onion not white and ......sage feels like it would work in this dish with pork or perhaps fennel with beef.  Yes...could have used a bit more salt too. But red onion it will be on the next attempt. 


Mashed Turnips is something my mother use to make with morel/greens and small game (Arkansas girl 😉 ) so it took me a lifetime to see them as a breakfast possibility. They will go savory or sweet equally well I think.


Jump in anytime with whatever you have guys' n gals.    

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Pizza Hut For Dinner






















Don't do a lot cooking haha but interesting to see what yall come up with

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