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2017 Silverado 1500 LED tail lights hyperflash

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I installed new LED 7444 bulbs in my tail lights. I was getting hyperflash so I installed 6 ohm resistors on all 4 bulbs. It works now except when me tail lights come on at night the hyperflash comes back. If I turn the lights off and try again it works. How can I stop it from getting hyperflash when the tail lights are on? Everything else is stock on the truck as far as front end lighting goes.

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Ok so to let everyone know I figured it out on my own because I called multiple shops and no one could answer this. I had 50w 6ohm resistors on each bulb (4 total). I measured the resistance in the original bulbs and they were around 3ohms each. I bought some 3ohm resistors on Amazon and swapped them out. It works perfect now with the 3ohm resistors. Hope this helps someone else because no one else knew what to do. 

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    • By Chris Lara
      I noticed that there have been several posts a on the Hyperflash problems with LED tail lights.  I've got a 2015 that I updated to Axial tail lights and they worked great for about 2 years.  Recently the passenger has been hyper-flashing about 90% of the time.  The light works fine, so it's not really out.  I put the stock lights back in and they are fine.  Any thoughts on how to repair the light and/or figure out what resistor needs to be replaced? 
      Thanks in advance for input and I'd appreciate any advice. 
    • By GTPprix
      If you’ve emailed us about custom BCM work in the past it was likely, that at the time we just simply couldn’t take it. These units take an immense amount of time to build just a single unit for one vehicle and in the case of the truck platforms there could literally be thousands of build combinations we would have to account AND the big one… TEST FOR. Even with our recent efficiency upgrades full custom units still require a ton of dedicated time and it was hard to price them at a rate that was appropriate but still palpable. 
      A few years ago we started compiling a list of the most common modifications we were getting requests for and we noticed a pattern; a lot of people were asking for variations of the same things. On top of that most customers seemed to be OK when asked if other certain features were included as well for a lower price point would they mind? The resounding answer was no they wouldn’t mind and when can we order it? 
      It’s taken a few years to get there; but we are finally here now.
      Announcing our new WAMS Spec BCM programming!
      WAMS Spec BCM’s include our most requested modifications in one convenient, easy to order package and at a significantly lower price point; all with our new proprietary plug and play method that ELIMINATES the required trip to a dealer (or a high end scan tool) for a brake pedal position relearn after reinstallation!
      We think every K2 owner will really enjoy this but those of you with lighter content trucks are really going to love it.
      So enough with the build up,  here are the included features for this item:
      ·       Remote Start Enabled (Customer will still need a remote start key fob to utilize it)
      ·       Remote Start Cycle time extended to 20 minutes per cycle
      ·       Factory Alarm/Theft Deterrent Added to base model trucks
      ·       Factory Heated seat support added for trucks that don’t have it (wiring required obviously)
      ·       Turn signal “Hyper Flash” Deleted
      ·       Turn Signal Bulb Outage Detection Deleted
      ·       Fog lamps remain on with High Beam
      ·       Fog lamps no longer disable Intellibeam
      ·       Fog lamps remain on with Intellibeam/Auto High Beam enabled (if equipped)
      ·       Tap to pass (turn signal activation) bumped up from 3 to 4 flashes
      ·       Windows down from key fob added (For 2014-2015)
      ·       Windows down from key fob changed to Driver and Passenger front Windows only
      ·       Window down from key fob changed to allow “Vent” setting (release key fob to stop window motion prior to complete lowering)
      ·       Driver (and passenger on utilities) window UP from key fob (hold lock to raise). Express up windows are required to make this work and currently the K2 Pickups only have one on the driver’s side.
      ·       Trucks with a 98MPH speed limiter the limiter is raised slightly to allow a stock truck (a Denali for example) to run a full quarter mile without hitting the speed limiter before the end of the quarter.
      Here you can see our final beta test on a complete base 2016 LS I apologize for the vertical video was just really happy to finally get done with the last combination for testing!
      Please also check out Phil Gamboa’s (@pgamboa) phenomenally detailed review here:
      So in closing all of you who have been asking when it would be ready… It’s here LOL
      Also BIG Thank you to everyone who participated in early alpha and beta testing this with us. In addition to purchasing several vehicles for this (the latest our 2018 Denali) we tested this on over 20 trucks/SUV’s of different build combinations before we were comfortable enough to start offering this to the public.
    • By pgsulins
      I have a 2017 Silverado 1500 LTZ that came with factory LED tail lights.  I recently bought a set of Morimoto XB LED tail lights that are not intended for factory LED trucks.  
        I also purchased a set of tail light harness for a non-LTZ Silverado (GM Part #’s 23295977 and 23295978) so it would be a plug and play installation.   Everything works (running lights, brake lights, reverse) but I have hyper flash on the turn signals.  I have more pics and video of the issue on my instagram - @pgsulins    Here is a list of the things I unsuccessfully tired to correct the issue:   1.  Using the non-LTZ wiring harness, I installed 50w 6 ohm resistors with no luck   2.  Using the non-LTZ wiring harness, I disconnected the Morimoto resistors that came on the tail lights and installed 50w 6 ohm resistors with no luck   3.  I hacked into the LTZ wiring harness with and without added resistors keeping the Morimoto resistors plugged in with no luck   4.  I hacked into the LTZ wiring harness with and without added resistors disconnecting the Morimoto resistors with no luck   5.  I disconnected the Morimoto tail lights and installed incandescent bulbs into the non-LTZ harness and still get hyper flash   6.  I tried wiring the Morimoto tail lights directly to the trailer hook up and still get the hyper flash    7.  I connected the factory LED tail lights using the correct harness and then wired the Mormimoto tail lights to the trailer hook up and the hyper flash stopped   8.  I called Morimoto and they were not helpful   9.  I called two Chevy dealerships and asked if they could eliminate the error code but they were unwilling to touch it   Attempts #5 and #7 lead me to believe there are some electronics in the actual factory LED tail lights that the computer needs to read in order to avoid the hyper flash.     I say this because there should be no hyper flash with attempt #5 because I am using a stock set up and attempt #7 eliminates the hyper flash but requires the stock LED tail lights to be hooked up.   I realize my issue is self-inflicted due to these lights not be intended for my truck but I love the look of these tail lights and was willing to give it a try.   I know Recon sells tail lights that are intended for trucks that came equipped with factory LED tails so someone has been able to get working equipment on this truck but I’m out of ideas.   Does anyone have any info that could help?  Thank you!   Paul  

    • By rah7777777
      Hello all. 
      Has anyone had the dealer update their BCM on a 1500 to remove the bulb out detection system that causes the hyperflash?
      I was told they could on 2500 and 3500 but couldn’t on a 1500. 
      I found this online which states the same I think (if I’m reading it right)
      But, I feel like I’ve seen where others had this done on a 1500, but coming up short in searching it. So any details would help! 
      Im trying to put LED tail lights on my 2018 Silverado LT and really don’t want to add a bunch of resistors as I eventually want LED all the way around. 
      Thank You!
    • By Codman67
      Hello i need some ideas i put the 2016 gmc denali led tallights in my 2015  gmc i got the gen5 harness everthing works great but now i dont know where to mount the resistors they just hang there, any suggestions please

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