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Brand new Travel Trailer ?

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I've been in and out of Travel Trailers over the years and just got back into it this year( not because of Covid, we were looking last fall).

Picked up a one owner 2004 Hornet 25FL.

Good condition needed new flooring and a good cleaning.

Everything works great. I put new Goodyear Endurance tires on it last month.

Used it probably a total of 20 nights. Could have been more than that if we didn't have the covid bs.

While my trailer isn't hideous by any means, its 100%paid for, everything works, it is 16 years old, a little smaller than I really want, and is light years behind a new comparable unit .

I want to get a new rig. My wife is happy with the one we have although she does like how nice the new stuff is.

She is still kind of crabby about my lifted truck. ( Waste of money she says)[emoji24]

Then there is the horror stories about how junky the new trailers are and slapped together half assed. I read the forums and it's the same as here. Lots of complaining , not many good things to say.

I'm not really worried I would probably buy it local and fix most thing myself. Although I'm not afraid to drive to Ohio or Indiana (1400-1500 miles) to save a couple thousand.

I'm looking at a entry level unit. I want to keep the price around $20,000. My trailer is either a trade for around $5700-6000 or sell for another thousand. Out the door, out of pocket with taxes etc. I'm looking at around $15 g. Do able .

I'm thinking about a 29-31 ft unit and a few come to mind

 2021 Wildwood 24 RLXL

2021 Salem Cruise lite 254 RLXL

2021 Alpha Wolf 23RDL(a step up from entry level)

2021 Grey Wolf 23 MK


Anyone have a new or newer rig? Issues?

Is now a bad time to buy a new one?

I'm thinking about ordering around Xmas.


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We have a Timber Ridge 280RSK made by Outdoors RV. All the Outdoors RV models seem well built with a reinforced model specific off road chassis, true four season insulation and, 80 gallon fresh water and 3 40 gallon waste tanks. One thing that doesn't seem consistent in the industry are model designations. This trailer is a 280 with a body that has 28 feet of living space and bumper to hitch length of 34 feet. Our last trailer was a Kit Road Ranger 23YT and the body was 18 feet and overall length 23 feet. You never know how a trailer will tow until you try it out. Even though this trailer is 10 feet longer and 5000 pounds heavier than our old trailer, it tows about the same, sometimes better. Must have something to do with the rear kitchen weight putting the hitch to axle length quite long. The combined weight of the truck and trailer is 14,700 and the NHT with 6.2 and 3.73's pulls it just fine. Wind is the biggest problem.

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