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One thing to do is spray off the inside of the wheel wells this is where dirt and salt collect. In the winter I do this weekly.

Also keeping a good coating on the paint would help. Never had either of my previous trucks rust around the wheel wells. Always sealed/waxed. Nowadays a good ceramic coating would help too

Ryan B.

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11 hours ago, RyanbabZ71 said:

One thing to do is spray off the inside of the wheel wells this is where dirt and salt collect. In the winter I do this weekly.

Also keeping a good coating on the paint would help. Never had either of my previous trucks rust around the wheel wells. Always sealed/waxed. Nowadays a good ceramic coating would help too

Ryan B.

I most definitely will wax them several times a year. Very difficult to clean the inner fenders in the winter especially with my liners and when its -30 C out. However, the liners are removed when I undercoat the truck so hopefully that helps prevent the rust.

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many times the fenders start to rust from the inside outwards.  That's what happened on my 2008.  But if i could line-x both the inside and outside of the fenders I would.  (inside the tirewell)

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      Hey there everyone. I'm having issues with my 2017 chevy silverado 1500. On Tuesday afternoon I parked my truck at home. And later that evening I walked up to my truck, since I was planning to grab some dinner. However, when I tried unlocking it with my fob, nothing happened. I found it strange, since that had never happened before. (I've had this used truck for 6months) and never has that happened before. So I had to insert my key to open it, and I tried to turn it on, and again nothing. Engine didn't turn on, no lights on, no dim. Nothing. 
      We figured maybe just the battery, so we had to jump cables, which with that it turned on. We drove over to our local auto advance to purchase a new battery, since the other one was old (used truck) and when I go to shut off my truck I turn the key, and take it out. And the engine stayed on.
      We found it super strange. Only way to turn it off was disconnecting the battery. We purchased a new one, and after it was hooked the same issues.
      It runs fine, but after taking out the key engine stays on. I've had diagnostics ran on it and Noone can find the solution. I believe it may be a malfunction with the remote start. Because when the truck is on (without the key) it's only the engine. Meaning it's not drivable. I can't drive it off, unless I insert the key. 
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      So I went ahead and purchased the "updated" thermostatic valve for my 6L80e, part number 86774933 referenced in the SB. installation look about 10 min and only required a 10mm and 13mm open end. I do my trans fluid and filter every 22,500 as per the service manual and my fluid temp would hover around 185-195 towing or not towing hot outside or cold. As i live in CT the ambient air temp can be 10 degrees or 90. After the installation of the new bypass valve the trans sits at 145 and never got over 150 on a 2 hour 116mile drive. I also think this is much better than the "pill flip" as you retain the bypass ability for colder weather so the trans still gets up to temp quickly. I have not yet towed anything to see if the temp would go back up to the 180-190 range but I figured I would share this info for anyone else who thinks a transmission designed to run at 192 degrees is crazy. 
      Also for anyone who wants one and doesn't wanna pay if your truck is still under warranty the dealer will install one of these if you complain about anything with the transmission even if the "Customer complaint Cannot be replicated." that being said i got mine for $60 on GMpartsDirect.  
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      Hey guys. Having hell with the 2018 Silverado. Truck has been in and out of the shop for months and it seems they just keep throwing parts at it. I work 9 hours from home and pretty much in the middle of nowhere.  So this is getting very frustrating and a tad scary with this issue happening.  You can be cruising at highway speeds for 3-4 hours when the truck will start stalling on and off. Its very violent feeling when it does. If you hurry and get off of the gas, it will resume down the highway usually. But lately when the problems start, they will not go away. First time it started doing it. It was happening at about 70mph. Had codes read and everything pointed to the fuel pump. On my 9 hour drive back home. The issues started happening. But then the trans started slipping as well. Eventually tranny went out about 3 hours from home. Had it replaced. Figured that was the issue and the codes were just junk. Well the next month on my way back home. Issue started happening again. Once again the truck broke down about 3 hours from home. Same exact spot actually LoL. And no I don't take that route home anymore. Well the fuel pump quit working. Had it replaced. Next trip down to work. CEL came back on again with P2635 "Low fuel performance" and P2101 "Throttle actuator position performance". Well eventually got it back home. Dealership replaced throttle body. Figured it was fixed until today. Drove 9 hours to work and during the last 30 mins. The violent stalling came back again. And also while sitting in traffic. It would idle rough and then die. Takes about 5 attempts to start before it starts. Runs fine for about 4-5 mins and will do the same thing again. Can someone please tell me what is going on with this turd??? Im tired of getting towed back home.  
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      The truck drives fine. It accelerates fine and everything, except there has been a humming noise coming from the rear when I accelerate recently. It gets louder the faster I go. The dealer seemed to not know what it was a first and gave me different possible issues. Now they’re telling me I need a rear differential replacement. I do have larger wheels and tires (35s) on a 6 in lift. Have any of you experienced something similar? 
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