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Help me decide which truck to get!

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Hey Everyone,


I'm looking to convert from a tundra to a 2021 sierra. I've been across the board on the dealerships and have negotiated one down a bit, but wanted to get your opinions.

I'm looking at the sierra 1500 Elevation package. Additions are front bucket seats, multipro tailgate, upgraded color, 5.3 v8 10 speed, and x31 off road package. This brings the total MSRP to $53580 including the destination charge. They have offered $4,000 in discounts, $6250 in rebates, and $8000 for my 08 tundra with 170k on it. This brings the total OTD difference to $37500 tax title and tag.


What are your thoughts on this?


I've got an offer for a chevy RST at essentially the same price but a lower trade in, $44255 vehicle price. I see the Elevation being better than a Chevy RST + I get the 10 speed automatic with GMC.

What are your thoughts? I'm new to the GM world so any advice is welcomed!

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Are you financing it? If so, what's the interest rate?


but I highly recommend the elevation package. It has more than enough features for me and I prefer no chrome on my trucks. Oh and the price you're getting it for seems pretty decent assuming the interest rate is low. I got my 2020 over the summer at 0% interest so it was a no-brainer. 

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As someone who has the 10 speed transmission in his 2020 TrailBoss, I say definitely go for that over anything else! And make sure you maximize the value of your trade-in. I had an almost $6K difference in my Tacoma trade-in between different dealerships.

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40 minutes ago, CamaroVetteGuy said:

The Chevy RST does not have a 10 speed?

Only if it’s a Duramax or a 6.2.


Also check Carvana and GMTV. They were paying obscene prices for used trucks a few months back. Obviously they, or a private party, would need to pay you enough over the dealer offer to offset the loss in any trade-in tax benefits. But it’s worth trying.


If you’re set on a 21 instead of a leftover 20, I think the prices you are seeing are inline with expected.

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The GMC seems like a good price to me. Try Carvana and see what they will pay you for the truck.  Also what is the KBB on your trade? My dealer gave me the high price on the KBB trade price. The used market is high right now! I would go with the GMC just for the fact that it has the 10 speed. I love mine. Its so smooth. I am coming from a 2016 GMC 6 speed. its night and day.

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