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Low Oil Message

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So I have a 2020 Silverado 2500 with the 6.6L engine.  Last night on my way home from Lowe's, I got a message in the DIC that read "Engine Oil Low.  Add Oil."  Luckily, I was only 3 miles or so from home.  I waited two hours for the engine to cool before I checked the oil level on the dip stick.  It didn't even read on the stick.  Luckily, I happened to have two quarts of the Dexos Gen-2 Synthetic 5W-30 at home.  It took both quarts to bring the oil level the the upper mark on the stick.  The truck currently has 7,058 miles on it.  I did the first oil change (at the Dealership as it was free) at 3,518 miles.  The truck doesn't seem to be leaking oil anywhere, as there are no oil spots under it in my garage, and I don't see any smoke while driving that would indicate it's burning oil.  When I start it from cold I do get a bit of white smoke out the muffler, but it quickly goes away and does not continue.  Has anyone else experienced this?  My only explanation is that the technician who did the oil change only put in 6 quarts rather than the required 8.   I never checked the dip stick after the oil change, which I know I should have.  Could this have caused any engine damage?  I have created a spreadsheet to track the mileage and oil levels, just in case I need it down the road.  I'll check it again in 100 miles or so.  Hoping it was just a mistake by the technician and that no harm was done.

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The invoice said 8 quarts, but I have a feeling this was generated by the VIN, which knows the truck takes 8 quarts.  Who knows what they physically put in the truck?  I blame myself for not looking at the dip stick when I got the truck back.  Just hope no damage was done and that I don't have a bigger issue on my hands.

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Just to update this.  I brought the truck to the Dealership for an oil change after getting the low oil message.  I physically watched the technician put in the required 8 quarts.  I also checked the dipstick after I got home and had a chance to let the oil settle.  The stick read full.  I've since out about 500 miles on the truck and the oil level does not seem to have changed from the full mark.  I am thinking the first technician simply put in 6 quarts rather than 8.  A bit scary, as this was a DEALER!

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