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Dual battery function

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I would go to the service department of my dealership and ask to speak with someone knowledgeable on the subject.   If they can't confidently explain the operation of your two battery system, then phone GM customer support to find the answer and to report on your untrained local service technicians!   In my situation, I'd simply need to phone my salesman and he'd find the answers.  He may not be a mechanic but he knows how to keep a loyal client!  I've owned this truck for 5 years and I still expect (and receive) this level of service.

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To confirm what George said I checked the power lead in the 7 pin with and without the 30 amp connection off the secondary battery being connected.  Just like was described, the 30 amp lug off the secondary battery supplies the power to the camper with the battery isolated with the truck off.  Thanks everybody.  I think this is solved.

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I thought it operated as such:


Truck off = batteries isolated

Truck on = batteries isolated

Truck running = batteries connected


100A fuse at isolator is so alternator can charge second battery (when truck running)


30A fuse at isolator goes to 12V+ of 7way trailer plug.


I think this means you can drain your second battery with a camper and still start your truck with primary battery.


I may be wrong, hoping someone else can back this claim.


...i did a little experimenting when wiring in my battery maintainer quick connects (one for each battery). My memory is foggy on those results.


That all sounds good to me....I want that setup now tho...mine will basically be the same way tho it has a voltage sense switch to turn relay on and off ....


Now u just have to put one of these in so u know where ur battery level is



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I'm just guessing now because the wiring harness is all a big bundle. But it would make sense that the 100A is the 100A at the other end at the secondary battery.  Also, the 175A probably goes to the main fuse box.  There's a heavy gauge line that hooks up there.

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Slight topic hijack here.  I have not had dual batteries on my previous trucks, but I plan to order them on a 3500HD next month, primarily for truck starting/operating redundancy when remote camping.  (My camper has its own battery system.)  It looks as though the isolator, fuses, and battery wire gage as delivered by GM are not designed to allow you to start from the aux battery if the main battery is dead.  What do you do in that case?  Physically swap the aux battery to the main position?  Use jumper cables from one battery to the other?


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