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Block Heater

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My truck came with a block heater. It was -20 last night here in Ottawa and no more than -15 today so I thought I would plug in the block heater and see how it worked.

I plugged in the heater cord that came with the truck and checked the voltage =120 v. Was curious about how much draw there is but my amp probe  showed zero amps

when plugged in.  It appears there is no load  Just wondering if anyone else experienced this and if there is something I need to do under the hood to connect the heater .

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If what I've read is correct the block heater cord has a thermostat built into it and it won't even allow the heat to kick in until -18C or lower. My reading included only the diesel engine,   If you find out different let me know!


I can't tell what you drive, might be good to add that info to your profile.

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If your amp probe said 0 amps the block heater was not drawing power. Your input voltage will always read 120 volts but that does not mean that the block heater was on. And Yes it has to be at least -18 for that heater to turn on. I don't like that either but if GM says it's ok to start a -18 engine then. it's ok with me...I've started mine with -30  (no block heater) and it started OK, and always has. By the way diesel means nothing, they only make one block heater and one block heater cord, so it doesn't matter.

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      About two weeks ago my air quit working out of no where, it would not work at all! Okay, so I replaced the blower motor and resistor and harness, still no air. So, then I replaced the in dash climate control module. The air will work, however it works when it wants to. I can cut the truck on, cut the power on and it wont work, but I'll be d****d  if the air works after I've been sweating for a good hour while driving around in this Alabama heat and try turning it on at random! Sometimes, I can take out the fuse to the module and leave it out for a few minutes and out it back in and it work for a few hours with me cutting it on and off as I enter and exit the truck. I finally said to h*** with it and took it to a shop this morning, they called and said that it was the climate control module, that I just replaced mind you, and that they are waiting for a call back from the dealer because the module is a dealer part. I just now got to thinking about something...is there a specific procedure that you're supposed to follow after replacing the climate control module?? Am I missing something??? For the record the resistor did need replacing and I went ahead and replaced the blower motor as well since the old one was starting to lose it's umph and not push air like it used to. So, again...am I missing something here? I've looked and looked, and I'm not the only one with this problem, however no one has the exact problem. I'm really at my wits end guys! I work outside, so yeah I'm pissed right now because I cant escape this dang heat.
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    • By jrob56
      Hey Guys,
      I didn't do a full write up, but wanted to compile all the links I used in one place to maybe help others. My driver side seat heater went out last year or so, and my bottom foam was absolutely shot. Even had a lean toward the door, wife and I both noticed it causing us pain on the way to Florida, so I finally stopped putting it off.
      Decided if I was going to do the seat heater, I was going to do the TSBs on the under side as well as the foam itself. I went back and forth on doing the OEM foam, but finally settled on attempting to upgrade it. Went with The Seat Shop option on Amazon. Very quality piece, fit like OEM, has the same connections for the tubes on the leather cover and the velcro on the bottom side leather attaches to in 2 spots. The stiffness is noticeable feeling them side by side. I feel this one will hold up better, but time will tell. Ill circle back in a year or so and report back.
      The Seat Shop Durofoam I bought, part number may vary slightly check for your application. Heated vs Cooled etc.
      I bought my seat heater from the local dealer. After looking around and adding shipping the difference was negligible. I ended up with part number GM 23168136. Yours may vary depending on year, model, heated, cooled, etc.
      TSB parts
      ACDelco 10-4057 Synthetic Multi-Purpose Glycol Lubricant
      GM 13594989 Shim Clip
      Links I used to aid in tear down and replacement below. I dont think any of these were perfect vids/write ups, but if you watch/read them all there is some great info in each.
      Troubleshooting the heater before you go down this road.
      Steps to remove seat and replace heater. Good tips in the text below video I agreed with as well.
      Decent video showing some more context on the side seat trim. Adds some steps on the manual tilt handle as well if you have that.
      Another video on removing both front seats.
      The text walk through here is fantastic, pretty step for step. Pictures were a little lacking, but combo it with the above videos and you will be well armed for this. Credit to user here: Jullian is not my name.
      Walk through of the TSB for the seat movement fix, I dont know that I had much issue here but for a few dollars I did it while it was out. Cant hurt.
      Some good cut aways and pictures to help you in general as well. Part numbers and at the bottom of this link.
      PDF version: https://static.oemdtc.com/TSB/SB-10072596-0335.pdf
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