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Acadia Back up Camera display intermittent, not working

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Just picked up a 2021 Acadia on new years eve. It has the Denali technology package, but I would assume the backup camera is the same on all models. My wife has complained about the backup camera not displaying upon cold start, but it works later after re-starting. It has worked each time I drove it, I finally saw the black screen of death this AM.


When we were shopping we considered a very low mileage 2020 Acadia Denali that was bought back due to camera/display problems. It had been fixed, but instead, we chose to get a new one in the wife's preferred color. So it seems that this may be a common problem.


So, is there a TSB about this? Is there a known fix? Being under warranty, all I care about it getting it fixed with the least amount of inconvenience to us.

I'd like to do my research before taking to the dealer, especially since it seems to work when the vehicle is warmed up. I don't want to waste my time if it is something the dealer won't be able to replicate without leaving it sit there overnight.

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We've had the same issue on our 2020 Acadia. Very frustrating and intermittent. We have been unable to get it to the dealer when it occurs, so I'm not sure what the fix is yet. If you find a fix, I'd be interested to know what it was. 

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18 hours ago, mprimeau said:

We've had the same issue on our 2020 Acadia. Very frustrating and intermittent. We have been unable to get it to the dealer when it occurs, so I'm not sure what the fix is yet. If you find a fix, I'd be interested to know what it was. 

I've been monitoring it. So far all I can tell is that it is related to being cold. We have an attached garage, so it generally stays above freezing. It seems to only happen on the colder days.

This weekend we went shopping. I started it up in the parking lot and it wouldn't display, but only 1 time. Its been pretty cold this week, but each morning it still works properly in the garage.


So at this point, I'm going to hold off with wasting time at the dealer until it becomes more of a problem. We'll see if the issues disappear when warmer weather arrives.

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