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The new GM logo and branding - What it really means

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Pretty brash! 

Accept this or be crushed? 

How about.................


Are they counting on the idea that because they are makin some real crap now and removing choices the transition will be a slam dunk? Sure. But, why would I buy from someone whose last product was junk? They didn't prefect what they have; so step into something else to mess that up too? 


Is this the story of the frog and the scorpion?



Where is al this lithium coming from?

Third worlds and child labor!

Do you mine this with windmills?

Where will all this copper come from?

Here's a trash dump nightmare.



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Case in point. They haven't figured out rings yet. Something Honda has had down pat for what 50 years?


From an engineering standpoint the name on the valve cover makes no difference. It is considered 'normal' when the oil used is about 0.03% with a maximum of 0.05% of the fuel used. Mineral oil. (For automobile ICE gasoline motors)


One source of this type of information is: (MIT, CSM, SAE are others)



Say you have a 5.3 with an EPA average 18 mpg and drive 5K between oil changes. You will consume 277.78 gallons or 1111.11 quarts. At .03% 1/3 of a quart normal with a maximum of 1/2 quart per 5,000 miles. 


Say your towing heavy and averaged 8 mpg. About 1.25 quarts per 5K mile OCI would be maximum and 3/4 quart 'normal'. 


Of course there are motors that do better. Sometimes fuel dilution will add back level. 2% in a 6 quart system is almost 4 ounces nearly replacing good normal usage making it appear as the motor uses no oil. 


Sometimes it's just a great motor seal and you get allot better. Some long OCI users claim 20K with under a quart. :dunno:


You cut usage another 30 to 50% with a oil with a NOACK under 6%. An easy foot helps. Note that usage is tied to fuel usage and by extension average horsepower, torque, BMEP, MAP, RPM etc. 


GM's claim of a quart in 2,000 in such a motor is 10X higher than acceptable engineering upper limits. 


The public is ignorant and they know it and take advantage of that fact. 

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5 hours ago, flyingfool said:

buy a TOYOTA , forget GM or is it gm..

This is exactly why I am depressed! I will never buy electric or jap junk!

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I am sure Harley Earl and Zora Duntov are rolling in there graves.
So is Louis Chevrolet.

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What's the big deal!

They changed the logo, so what.


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Buy utility company stock..................you can bet all those pushing electric are.

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3 hours ago, elcamino said:

Buy utility company stock..................you can bet all those pushing electric are.


🤔 You can use the profits to pay your utility bill!! :thumbs:

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