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should i change?

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I have a 2019 2500.  For a bunch of reasons and a complicated trade situation, I am looking to potentially "downsize" to a 1500 but am wavering when I see the towing ranges.  I have 3 horses, a 6000lb trailer, and farm work.  This truck also may need to plow (my own laneway only).  That said, it sounds like more work than my trucks have ever had to do in reality.  They are generally fairly babied but . .I am also going to be the ONLY truck on the farm now, which is new, so it will work somewhat harder.  Yes, I tow, but lightly and usually a max of 2 horses.  It has had to move hay wagons out of fields.  However, this one will also need to be easy entry for my elderly mother in the winter (short, elderly, icy = need for lower vehicle although we will put winter tires on the van, so . . .).  I don't think the price difference is huge between the HD and the 1500 but am waiting on pricing.  My guy did say it is a 5 month wait for the HD.  One of the reasons I'm looking to trade is to get out of payments so if there's a big price difference and a big wait (5 more months of payments on the current truck), 1500 it will have to be .. . .  Just can't make up my mind.  And, if I did go with the 15 . .6.2 engine?  or 5.3?

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yeah i dont think price difference is much unless you get duramax in HD.....i went from 1500 RST to LT 2500 and MSRP were almost identical..... the 1500s usually carry higher rebates and incentives, maybe not right now idk...... its always better to have more than enough than barely enough, not sure if that applies to you.....the more basic the truck the better the towing capability usually.....i guess you would have to make that call but these new HD trucks are TALL, really tall.....if you think 1500 can do job comfortably than it should be fine......5.3 is good but maybe go GMC to get 10spd in more trim options i believe.....6.2 have heard is awesome ive never had one but did have 5.3 in 8spd....while i didnt really have many issues it did clunk in lower gears but that 10 spd is suppose to be butter in any engine configuration.....i would get the 10spd no matter what if i went back to 1500......decisions, decisions

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so.  Dad always said never buy a new engine til it's been out for a few years . .. .  and I've been googling these new trucks--they same to have a lot of problems?  Engines and transmissions?  Maybe this is not a good idea at all?  My dad passed on Jan 1st and I'm using his truck as well as mine to trade, putting me in a decent position so that those payments I was making can come into the farm instead now and help with the loss of pensions my mother will experience.  But, to disregard his advice on engines. . .seems like I'd be jinxing myself and ending up in a worse situation if I get a lemon, you know what I mean?  yikes.

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The 6.2L is not exclusive to only the Denali. Here a GMC AT4 with a 6.2L engine



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Crazy, I don't have a dog in this fight so. . . Wait until the baby Max owners opine, that actually may be what you might want to consider, especially with the farm use you mentioned. If you expect to get your mother in your new truck, you're going to definitely half to stick with a 1500, especially if you will be getting a 4wd.

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On 1/12/2021 at 9:27 AM, crazydog said:

and. . .the 6.2 only available in denali.  so .. if i did go with the 1500, i'd be looking at the 5.3 which i didn't want--dad's was 5.3 and I never liked it.

As others posted, this is incorrect.


The 6.2 is available on the SLT, AT4 and the Denali ( on any of them it requires  4wd,  but given the jobs listed I'd assume your planning 4wd anyway). 

Not sure what year you dad's 5.3 was, by there have been several generations of the 5.3 over the last 20 years. 


If you are even thinking of getting an elderly family member into the truck, go to a dealer and get into one of the 2020+ HD's and then into an SLT or Denali 1500. 

The AT4 1500 has a 2" factory lift.  Even with the lift, it is not as high as 2020" HD's (all the HD's are the same height, there is no 'factory' lift version in the HD's)


I'm really liking the 3.0L.  Current pricing puts it between the cost of 5.3L and 6.2L. 

All 3.0's and all 6.2's have the 10 speed.    The 10 speed  is no longer available on some trims behind the 5.3.  


Tow mirrors can now be added without ordering a 'package' of other items.



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