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DIY Oil Cooler Line Replacement

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My truck had the oil cooler lines fail at 44,****** mi, luckily i found the drops in the driveway before it was catastrophic.  The dealer said not under power train warranty due to "not a moving part", so I bought the lines for 130.00.  It is a pain and very messy, but not too bad.  BTW lighter fluid removes oil stains without scrubbing.




first I removed the inner wheel liner on the passenger side, now i could see the connections to the cooler.



Upper is accessible from the top.


Be careful not to lose the clips, new lines reuse them


Then I disconnected the block at the oil filter adapter and sensor


The rubber lines in the middle do allow some movement, but not much, so I decided to remove the bumper for a direct shot.  




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This is the path of the lines, between the motor mounts, engine, and cross member.



It is a Chinese puzzle to get them out.  I found that if you remove the stud that holds the line to the block they will come straight out the front

view from driver side



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Front View


feed the lines back in from the front


and connect to the cooler, then go underneath and bolt on the block and connect the sensor.


Add some oil and drink some beer.


There may be an easier way to complete the job, and I'm sure a lift would help, but its not that bad and saved some cash for upgrades.


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You should have told them to check again.  I had my oil cooler lines replaced under my powertrain warranty last year around May due to this same issue.  Dealer did it without any issue and no cost to me.

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Both Dealerships should have known better and the 'we'll try' story is dealership BS. If a dealership has a question about coverage of a clearly diagnosed problem (obvious leaking engine oil lines), they should contact GM BEFORE the repair and get a coverage decision. There is no trying to get coverage after the fact with a known diagnosis, no let us fix it and we'll try to get it covered. The it's not covered because it's "not a moving part" comment just shows apathy, ignorance or incompetence on the part of the dealership.


This is clearly a covered repair and should have been taken care of by a dealership. GM would not be happy to hear this occurred.


I have provided the above opinion not as a comment on the OP's actions but to help clarify for others who may face a similar situation in the future.



No expertise implied or expressed (I could be making it all up)

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This is what the dealer F'd up on my 2018 5.3.

Took it in to get oil change and new thermostat  

They called and said these oil cooler lines were leaking and should they replace them. Of course I told them to replace them.

Next day wife is coming home and smells burning oil.

Almost all the oil leaked out and it was clattering and smoking .

There was approximately 1 quart of oil left.

Junk in my opinion so I traded it in on a new truck.

They fixed the line that was leaking,filled it up with oil and sold it within a few days .

BTW the dealer was Wayzata Chevrolet in Wayzata MN. Used to be called Village Chevrolet. 

Shady service dept. operation at best. 

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TX_Bowtie - Could you go into a little more detail on the sensor that sits on top of the alum block (block that bolts to the engine block)? I've ordered new lines, but the alum. block doesn't have threaded ports on top. I've attached a photo of my replacement part. (Part#84791853).



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