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DIY Paint Matched Fender Molding 2020 Sierra

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I never really liked the flat black (charcoal) look of the fender moldings against the onyx black paint so I decided to get some color matched paint to finish them off. I bought all of the paint supplies online from the company on the paint can label. $65 after shipping for a small bottle of prep cleaner/degreaser, 1 can of adhesion promoter, 1 can of base coat and 2 cans of gloss clear coat.


Removing the fender trim wasn't too difficult. I followed some of the removal tips found on this forum and only broke 2 of the plastic retention clips. I picked up a two pack of the same clips from Advanced Auto for about $4. The trick is to leave as many clips in the fender as possible by sliding the molding notches from the clips once you get the first few clips released. I used a panel popper tool and a plastic trim tool to remover the 100 clips from the fender afterwards.


Once the fender moldings were removed and cleaned, I sprayed them with two coats of adhesion promoter about 10 minutes apart. Next were 4 coats of base coat black about 15-20 minutes apart. Then 6 thin coats of clear coat at least 30 minutes apart. Let them dry overnight per instructions and hit them with Meguiar's Ultimate polishing compound using a buffer, wax coating and hybrid ceramic coating. They came out glossy but with a visible texture once the paint dried so they are not high reflective gloss like the metal body panels are. The color matching was perfect and they no longer stand out as much as they did. You can see the difference in color comparing the painted molding to the mud guard below it. Overall I am happy with the project and I'm certain it would have been much more expensive getting them painted by a shop or buying the $600 GMC accessory fender moldings.





IMG_0303.thumb.jpg.4c57eb7dd807d60e17abb24713f188d3.jpg IMG_0305.thumb.jpg.37f6d230eee01240a9ed50826874ab7b.jpg







Base Coat Black and then Clear Coat








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Now you've gone and done it! Gonna have to paint the mirrors, rear bumper trim, rabbit comb, step board ends, tailgate button trim and the splash guards now.?


Looks good. ?

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On 1/27/2021 at 9:38 PM, gemarsh said:

Now you've gone and done it! Gonna have to paint the mirrors, rear bumper trim, rabbit comb, step board ends, tailgate button trim and the splash guards now.?


Looks good. ?

Don’t forget the door handles. 

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