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I purchased my 2020, 2500 Duramax in September. I ordered it with the all of the trailering features.

I also ordered an auxiliary camera to attach my travel trailer, which I installed in November. 


It worked great for the first two months.


Six weeks ago it stopped working completely. 

I tried every combination of plugging and unplugging, cleaning connectors, switching between the interior and exterior jack.  

Finally, I removed it from the trailer and took it to a Chevy dealer.


They let me plug it into one of their trucks to see if it was the camera or my truck that was the issue.


The camera did not work on their truck either.

Chevy sent me a replacement camera under warranty, which I received last week.


After installing it, it worked great for two days, then stopped.


Has anyone else had similar problems?  


Thank You


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Is the truck recognizing a trailer is attached?  If it does not see a trailer attached, the cameras won't work.



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I'm not sure this will help with the above problem but I purchased a GM trailer camera about a month ago but have not had a chance to test it until today.  Temps have finally warmed enough to allow me to plug into the trailer and ensure the camera was  working.  It went well - the camera showed a light inside the camera lens as soon as it was plugged into the truck receptacle.  The camera view also showed on the infotainment screen inside the truck when I went to that view on the system.  I'll be running the cable to the back of the trailer and mounting the camera over the next few days.  Everything looks promising.

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    • By ZeeDunny
      Just picked up a Denali Grille w/ camera and am wondering if anyone has done the install themselves and ran into any issues hooking up the camera? I’ve only seen a few videos online of the new body style sierra grille replacement but am unsure if the camera addition will give me any issues. All help appreciated!  
      Will be posting before and after photos as well🤘🏽
    • By FuzzyNuggets
      I own a 2020 trail boss and it boggles my mind that GM did not offer a front facing camera on their off-road purpose TrailBoss! Not only would it be great for parking but even more important when approaching off road obstacles. Does anyone make or have installed a front facing OEM style camera that integrates with the RPO code IOS 7” screen? 
    • By aseibel
      Just picked up a 2021 Acadia on new years eve. It has the Denali technology package, but I would assume the backup camera is the same on all models. My wife has complained about the backup camera not displaying upon cold start, but it works later after re-starting. It has worked each time I drove it, I finally saw the black screen of death this AM.
      When we were shopping we considered a very low mileage 2020 Acadia Denali that was bought back due to camera/display problems. It had been fixed, but instead, we chose to get a new one in the wife's preferred color. So it seems that this may be a common problem.
      So, is there a TSB about this? Is there a known fix? Being under warranty, all I care about it getting it fixed with the least amount of inconvenience to us.
      I'd like to do my research before taking to the dealer, especially since it seems to work when the vehicle is warmed up. I don't want to waste my time if it is something the dealer won't be able to replicate without leaving it sit there overnight.
    • By Dean Fischbeck
      I drive a 2020 Sierra 3500HD Denali 4X4.  Used mainly for towing a 5th wheel.  We purchased the GM rear-view trailer camera and had the RV dealer install it.  It works fine, but this has happened twice (out of maybe 40 hitchups) . . .
      During the process of hitching up, everything works fine.  One of the last things we do is turn the engine off, plug the rear-view trailer camera in, and then restart the engine.  Cameras all work, we're good to go.  But then after we shift into gear, ALL the cameras go dead (except for the rear-view mirror).  We turn the truck off and restart . . . doesn't help.  We call our GMC salesman who helpfully suggests that we disconnect the battery, wait 15 seconds, and then reconnect so the system can reboot.  This works and we're off.  He also intimated that a software update from GM might fix the issue.  This has only happened during hitching up, never during an unhitched start-up.
      Today we took the truck to the GMC dealer for routine maintenance and the Service guy said he is unaware of a bulletin, notice, or rumor regarding camera failure.
      Has this happened to you?
    • By Ryan Amey
      Has anyone tried or researched upgrading the factory backup camera? My camera is very blurry in my 2014 Sierra SLT and am looking to improve the quality. I’ve seen cleaning the lens on the current camera so I’ll try that but I’m not ruling out a replacement camera if there is a higher resolution option on the market. Before anyone asks, yes I cleaned the dust and dirt off.

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