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Leaking slider replacement with pics 20 Sierra

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Hello All, Today was the day for my slider to get replaced 20 GMC Sierra. I took my truck in to  have the leak fixed. The TSB was performed by my dealer. The day I picked it up I took it to the car wash. It was pouring in when I finished. I called the dealer and was told the next step is a full window replacement. The glass guy was really cool and I was able to take all the pics I needed. He removed the seat back to get to the actual window motor and make it easier to work on. Once the window was removed I looked at the drivers side corner where my window was leaking. The black stuff is the urethane window sealer. You can see in the pic that the sealer has a break in it. The glass installer says that is from where the glue the factory uses in between the 2 metal panels (red arrow top and bottom) does not work well with the urethane sealer. That could cause a leaking condition. After the glass was removed I started looking for the crack in the plastic. He pointed it out to me that it runs through (2 red arrows) the urethane top to bottom. Also in that same pic you can see the old style window. The plastic moves in a curve up and goes over white alignment pin. The crack is circled in the close up as best I could get. The new style window eliminates the plastic that goes up and over the alignment pin. That is the window gearbox that attaches to the motor on the back wall. Finally is the part number of the window that was installed in my truck. The glass guy told me the TSB will probably not work in most cases. When he removed the glass the sealer that the dealer used was still wet underneath the top layer. I'm not sure if that is how it's supposed to be or now. He also said the was the 10th GM he's replaced the glass in.








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This is the most informative post I've seen on these leaks. Thanks for snapping these pics and providing the details on the issue and the repair.

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9 hours ago, It's Tim said:

That's not "glue" it's seam sealer. The urethane more likely than not had a solid bond before the frame was removed (you'll notice it took the base layer with it).

Best of luck.

I'm just going by what the guy told me. I'm not a glass installer. The urethane bead was solid all the way around except for that one spot and that is where the crack and the water leak was. 

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On 10/14/2021 at 7:40 PM, oilfieldtrash73 said:

Did you put in another slider or a solid glass? If another slider was it an after market or GM product? 


The slider was replaced with an upgraded one from GM. The part number is on the box in the pictures above.


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