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I just purchased a 2021 GMC Sierra truck. I have set the channels which are staying set but the EQ settings keep going back to default settings when I get in and restart the truck back up.

Any suggestions?

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On 3/27/2021 at 11:10 AM, TimYoungster said:

You have to change the sound eq in the settings menu. The sound button on the Home Screen is for temporary tuning. 

I’m having the same problem with my Silverado. I’ll have to try that. I wonder when that changed?

In my 2019 camaro I always used the sound settings on the Home Screen and they never changed. 

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  • 4 weeks later...

I have the same problem with my equalizer settings. The phone volume, voice volume, and ringer volume also drop to no volume. Can not even hear phone ring. Service manager said “known problem” and will check for an update. I called again today for an update. 

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New 2021 Silverado 1500 Z71 having the same issues. Has been to the dealer 2 times already. Picked it up today and the advisor went out there to verify. I stuck the key in and turned it over and settings were where they set them. I returned later to take truck home stuck key in started it up and rechecked and it was all back to 0 settings. There has to be a fix. I have saved settings in both areas. 

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I have the same issue with my 2021 Silverado. My EQ settings go back to 0 and my radio volume is all the way down every time I start the vehicle. It will remember the setting if I turn the vehicle off then turn it right back on, but if I wait 10 minutes it resets to 0. 

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My dealer has no idea on how to fix. They had it all day and went back and forth to check it and as soon as I started it up it zeroed out. If you find a dealer that has a clue please post. 

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Have had my 2021 Elevation for about 4 days.  I just started noticing that my EQ settings don’t save. Also the same problems as some of the others - the volumes of the phone and the radio always go to the very bottom as well. I reset the radio. Reset the EQ settings. Will see if there’s any change tomorrow. No known fix is troubling yo me. 

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2021 Silverado with the same issue! Sometimes the settings will hold all day, but the next morning sound settings are back to default. EQ and Fade. I found this topic by searching my issue. Hopefully there is an update that fixes it soon.

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A1dover - I did the hard reset option on the radio. Readjusted the EQ settings and turned the truck off. Went back out this morning and went to work and everything was fine upon start up:.. we’ll see if it sticks. 

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Go to settings and do a reset of the radio.

Mine was doing same thing, another did this and it worked for him.

I did mine last Friday and it's held the settings since.

There are 2 other posts in regards to this issue.

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I had my vehicle at the dealer today and mentioned it and they looked it up. Said there is no known fix yet but the engineers are aware and currently working on an fix. I did a factory reset today though as I had a phone connected on bluetooth before that I couldn’t remove from the Home Screen. 

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I did the factory reset two days ago. Has kept settings so far. This is the longest the settings have been kept. Will keep you all posted. 

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