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On 9/18/2021 at 5:17 PM, GJR1212 said:

I like my 3.0 GMC 4wd truck.  It gets great fuel mileage in normal rural driving.  It is averaging around 25 mpg.  It also tows my RV better than my old 5.3 Silverado or my 5.4 Expedition.   The 10 speed transmission is very smooth.   I have had one long start episode.   Unless you have to have a new SUV today, I would wait and get one next spring.   GM will eventually fix this problem, but right now they seem to be selling their gas trucks as fast as they can build them.   They do not seem to see the hiatus in 3.0 productions a serious problem- in my opinion.  My guess is the number of truck really seriously impacted with these long starts is a modest number.   Albeit, it is a big issues with those of us involved.   Discounts and Incentives do not seem to be what you would expect at a model year end either which is perhaps another reason to wait and get a 2022.


Thank you for the reply and advice! I sold my 2016 YukonXL, not in a hurry, but don’t know if I want to wait until 3.0l issue has been fixed. May end up getting 5.3l YukonXL AT4 instead.

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There’s nothing you did that will avert it happening again, and as of now GM has no clue how to make this problem go away. They are 0 for 3 on bulletins to fix it, and tightening fuse block bolts, hol

Moderators    Could you please move this thread?  This engine is not used in the HD trucks. Thanks

Well, it happened again. Starter  ran for 20 seconds truck didn’t start. I guess the grounding issue did not fix it. I’ve been talking with GM and sending them all my information, very detailed inform

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On 9/16/2021 at 7:44 AM, Gruggas said:

Hey just wanted to update people. I got the shim installed on the cam position sensor and just had the same reoccurring problem. Shim is not the fix.

Just an update... received my complete refund on Monday, down payment, payments, payed off my loan.  When I went to the dealer to sign all the papers, they now had the cab removed to reassess the fix that did not help.  The first time they removed the front end, motor etc to add the shim and the new reluctor wheel; but then the truck would not start at all--it would just turn over.  The GM engineer had them remove the cab to figure out what happened--so basically the whole truck has been tore apart--sure glad I am out of that rascal.

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