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Capless fuel fill gas cap

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21 hours ago, Mike LaRocque said:

Have a 21 2500hd gas. Not a fan of the capless fuel fill, want to add a gas cap. What are you guys doing for gas caps? Thanks.

images (1).jpeg

Maybe you can find something like this to fit.



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Old thread, but maybe still worth posting for others looking for a more "official" solution.


I won't debate the merits and potential drawbacks of capless fuel filler necks. But there can arguably be a case for preventing crimes of opportunity and/or vandalism by closing off access.


AcD makes a locking plug for the capless necks. I'm not sure if you have to use the locking feature to secure it. Personally, I'd prefer to only lock when I felt it is necessary, and not have to carry an extra key on my ring every time I need to fill the truck. Someone else can order one and report back.


Part number is GT377





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I hate that GM took away the cap on the Gas models because of vandalism/theft and contamination. I always had locking gas caps on every vehicle I owned - this prevented problems and was an excellent deterrent. Having said this, there is a black vinyl slip-on cap that is 2-1/4"  which is identical to the covers for trailer Bearing Buddies. They are very inexpensive and will prevent any intrusion of water/dirt/dust until removed for tank fill-up. Here is the link :

https://www.usplastic.com/catalog/item.aspx?itemid=129953&catid=841  - they retail for eighty five cents (.85) plus the shipping. There is also a seller on Ebay that sells the identical black vinyl cap - eBay #382009468868 for $10.

I think the AC Delco #GT377 would be a better option considering the locking capability and the miniscule difference in price.




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On 11/11/2021 at 10:52 AM, scwidy said:

You guys are on to something, my 2022 Denali 3500HD has a cap



25/3500 diesels still have a cap system.


1500 diesel gets the capless


15/25/35 gas engines have capless

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