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Custom 1500 Silverado conversion to LED Headlight Assembly- how to

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 Are you Looking to change your headlights and grille on your custom Silverado to the LED HID / signature curtain daytime running lights that High Country’s come with and the bow tie grille ?


Here’s how I did this to my Custom Trailboss ... how to video.  Videos nothing special but it’ll give you the pics with notes /video clips that  I took so you can convert yours over if your wanting to .  Back when I did this conversion I couldn’t find anything online that really shows how you do this so hopefully this helps the next person do this .  Takes about 3-4 hours 



cost is about $3k for all new oem parts .  I got my headlights , wire harness through Gen5DIY.com  $2400 and the bow tie grille $580 through gm parts warehouse.   Both are great companies I’d fully recommend that made the process really easy .

  I’ll list the part numbers too if you wanna research and look for some lower prices if wanna go with used parts or shop around if you wanna that route but don’t forget you’ll still need the headlight harness which is about $250 from Gen5DIY to make all the lights work properly .  After you sell your used Custom headlights and grille parts from the conversion you can get back about 1k dropping the cost involved about 2k with new parts.


May ask why not just buy the LT trail boss ., well here’s why I did not .. when I researched this is what I found ., 


  My Red Custom trail boss came with the halogen lights and the LT Trailboss has the better looking lights that are LED  (not too bright though but have a good look to them still) but they are not HID LED which are way brighter unless you buy the midnight black edition trail boss or the high country which #1 I wanted the red trail boss not black , # 2 I wanted HID LED lights not just the LED lights , so I made my own custom set up for a small cost compared to getting a midnight edition Trailboss or high country 


part numbers 

LT Black Trailboss Grill with Z71 emblem

New 2019-2021 Silverado 1500 High Country HID LED head light assembly 
Drivers side LH.      : 84621852
Passenger side RH  : 84621853


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I used the same headlights but I bought em on ebay as low mileage takeoffs. 1200.00 a pair, the grille is the gloss black oem but from ebay too for 400.


Then sold the old lights 350 each and the grille for 300.  So my swap was 1k plus the harness. 


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Converted 2020 Custom Trail Boss to with said upgraded parts.  It’s a beautiful transition and the parts listed from gen5diy & Gm warehouse do work!! Big shout to boneill from TX for the part numbers, video, and recommendations! Before and after...3 hours.



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Hello All,

I'm sure everyone that converted had a straightforward and issue-less conversion... but hopefully someone has some insight:


Have any of you seen an issue with the DRLs blinking 3 or 4 times and then shutting off completely? If not would you have an idea of what could be causing the issue? All other lights work perfectly, its just the DRLs that are disagreeing with this mod. I posted this in the Troubleshooting forum, but hoping someone here may have some ideas. This is on a 2022 Custom Trailboss LTD (same as 2021) I have a video of what I am seeing below.  Any help is greatly appreciated.
Video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/nADAnqi4UPe1zJ1BA

Link to thread in Troubleshooting forum: 


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added year and model
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Have a 2019 trailboss with halogens and im looking to switch to basic LEDs. My question is if i buy the WHOLE assembly is it just simple as plug n play or do i need a conversion kit on top of buying the WHOLE assembly? Thanks in advance 

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20 hours ago, Nickboss said:

Have a 2019 trailboss with halogens and im looking to switch to basic LEDs. My question is if i buy the WHOLE assembly is it just simple as plug n play or do i need a conversion kit on top of buying the WHOLE assembly? Thanks in advance 

If you swap to the OEM LED housings from the halogen ones, you will need to swap the grille to an LT\LT Trailboss\ RST\etc. grille. you will also need to buy a harness for the headlights to work. Gen5DIY sells one.

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do the oem led headlights light up the road better , are you satisfied with the light output. the reason i ask is because i am looking at a 2021 silverado rst with led headlights and just wondering are they really good

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The RST/LT/LTZ headlights are not the same as the ones that I have, which are the High Country lights. The High Country lights use a ballast/LED control module. The output on the HC lights is pretty good and they are brighter than the RST/LT/LTZ. The only caveat that I see with them is the beam pattern is not wide enough. That will be the same for all of the OEM LEDs though. I can't say for sure how good the non HC headlights are, but people in this forum have expressed that they wish they were brighter. I don't have that problem with the HC lights.

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Posted (edited)

My Chevrolet Silverado has recently returned from a car service, so I have not had time to change anything in the cabin yet. I need to buy LED headlights for indoor lighting. I have seen several suitable options, but I found the best one here https://www.amazon.com/car-lights-car-led-lights/dp/B09L86JRRM. I often go on night trips, so I want to spend this time in a pleasant atmosphere. As far as I understand, there is a built-in Vont Car Strip Light microphone synchronized with the music in the car. Now I'm even happier that this thing will soon be mine.

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