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EOH brake controller for 2020 GMC 3500HD?

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Getting ready to buy a 2021 Jayco Pinnacle 5th. One option on it is DISC BRAKES....  Will my factory 2020 GMC AT4HD 3500 be able to control these brakes??

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Supposedly, yes.  As I understand it, the new controller can differentiate between magnetic and EOH systems.

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There has been some issues with dexter EOH with disc brakes.  I believe there maybe a different component you may need to purchase from Dexter.  I think the main issue maybe around recognizing if a trailer is attached.  There is a thread in towing section at duramaxforum that talks about it.  It's probably worth asking some questions between rv and truck dealers.  Possibly doing a quick demo.  If truck recoginzes a trailer is attached you should be fine but if it doesn't, you don't have brakes.  Sorry I can't help more.



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Here's the description and operation on the system:




Trailer Brake Controls Description and Operation

A trailer brake control system is used to control the amount of trailer braking power that is made available to trailers with brakes that require a controlled electrical output signal for actuation.

The power output to the trailer brakes is based on both the amount of braking being applied by the vehicle’s brake system and on the type of trailer brakes detected.

The Trailer Brake Control System is compatible with two types of Trailer Brake Systems as listed below:
  1. Electric Brakes A controlled electrical output signal energizes an electric-magnet/lever arm assembly that directly actuates the brake mechanism. The GDS name for this system is “Electromagnetic Brakes”.
  2. Electric Over Hydraulic Brakes A controlled electrical output signal energizes a remote, trailer mounted hydraulic pump to build brake pressure in a closed hydraulic system on the trailer. The hydraulic fluid pressure actuates the brake mechanism. The GDS name for this system is “Electrohydraulic Brakes”.
Trailer Brake Output Versus Trailer Brake Type
  • The trailer brake system characterizes the trailer brakes as either Electric Brake or Electric Over Hydraulic Brake automatically. This characterization may be affected by the number, type, and age of the trailer brake magnets, as well as any other devices installed on the trailer brakes (i.e. adapters for Electric Over Hydraulic brake functionality).
  • The trailer brake system is fully operational with either characterization.
  • Some features of the trailer brake system may be different based on the trailer brake type characterization. An example of this is at zero speed, where pressing the service brake pedal will produce output when the trailer brakes are characterized as Electric Brakes, but not when characterized as Electric Over Hydraulic Brakes.
  • Sliding the manual trailer brake apply lever will produce output at zero speed for either characterization.

The user gain allows the driver to adjust the amount of trailer brake output to match the trailer load and road surface. The controller determines the desired trailer brake output and provides a control signal to the K133 Trailer Brake Power Control Module. The K133 Trailer Brake Power Control Module amplifies the signal and provides the output required to activate the Electric or Electric Over Hydraulic trailer brakes.

The trailer brake control can support up to a maximum of four axles with electric trailer brakes (8 brake magnets).

Connecting a trailer that is not compatible with the trailer brake system may result in reduced or complete loss of trailer braking. There may be an increase in stopping distance or trailer instability which could result in personal injury or damage to the vehicle, trailer or other property. An aftermarket controller may be available for use with trailers with surge or air trailer brake systems.

To determine the type of brakes on your trailer and the availability of controllers, check with your trailer manufacturer or dealer. Do not power up an aftermarket controller with the factory brake controller at the same time.



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Just as a FYI, I also have a Pinnacle on order.  When I discussed the disc brake option, my dealer pushed me away from it.  Their explanation was that since I'm on the East coast, I probably would not need them.  You being located in the West with more challenging terrain, I can see the need.  Have you tried contacting Jayco direct?  I have found their support staff knowledgable and very responsive the few times I reached out.  You may not be the first to ask that question of them.


Good luck.


PS, tried to PM you, but the system would not let me.






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