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Alarm shock sensor


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I bought the 17 GM shock sensor to add to the factory alarm on my 2017 Sierra SLT.  The dealer said it will not work on my truck because I do not have AUO code and that code was eliminated by GM in 2016.  Is there anything out there to add a shock sensor to the factory alarm?

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put in wrong part number
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    • By Fixitfill
      I have a 2017 Silverado Work Truck. Came with Factory power windows and power locks. It did not come equipped with a keyless entry system from the factory. It does not have any of the modules to add remotes for door lock entry or remote start.  Does anyone know of a kit to add these features to my truck?
    • By Wiggums
      My Ford F-150 didn't have keyless entry so I kept my keys in during one of my extended overseas trips, using the keypad to get in and my keys always safe. I could never stand the thought of losing my keys 6,000 miles away and having no way to get in my truck and I wouldn't be able to get in my house! I learned it the hard way a long time ago, never again.
      I didn't know my Chevrolet came with keyless but it was attached to a fantastic deal I couldn't refuse so I had a dilemma. I could use my phone to unlock my truck so I didn't really need the keypad my Ford had, but I just may install one for $250 at the dealership anyway. That's just in case I lose my phone whilst overseas.
      Unfortunately, keeping the keyless fob around the new Silverado will cause battery drainage as the module will be kept active when the keys are detectable. My truck didn't lock when I was at the back of my truck. As one member said, the Hitch Safe wouldn't be good enough and he's right so it was no longer an option. One here suggested wrapping it in aluminum foil and I tried that. It worked very well and realized my Progresso soup can had thicker aluminum so I tried it with the smooth-edge can opener and, voila!
      I am very pleased to report my truck did not unlock when I held it inches away from the door. To think I was going to spend $19.99 for a can of Coca-Cola with a secret compartment!

      Now, my question is: if I used my phone to unlock the truck from a distance... how long would the battery last before it dies? Can it do a month?

    • By Runhellman
      This winter the alarm started going off after a remote start cycle ends.  When the car shuts off (after remote start cycle ends) there will be about a 30 second delay and then the alarm starts going off.  I mentioned it to the dealer service and they suggested trying a different FOB before they started digging into it. They obviously had not heard of the problem before. I tried a different FOB and it made no difference.  I have searched the internet and haven't seen anyone else mention this problem.  I don't have a lot of faith in the service at the dealer, so I am wondering if anyone has any ideas?
    • By lylknutsak
      I have a 2015 GMC Sierra Single Cab 4.3L V6.
      Pulled into the parking lot at work this morning with no issues.
      Went to back into a parking spot and when I shifted into reverse, EVERYTHING in the cab shut off for about 3 seconds.
      When it came back on I had an airbag alarm and a stabilitrak alarm.
      I backed into the spot without issue.
      As far as I could tell the drive-train was fine.
      I have the convenience package which is basically the backup camera, Bluetooth, and On-Star.
      Anyone else come across this issue or anything similar?
    • By Max463
      New person here who has some questions for more knowledgeable chevy owners out there.
      I am attempting to install a regular alarm into my 2000 Silverado, on my alarm it only has (-) power lock and (-) unlock outputs. And I see that the car itself has both positive (+) power lock and unlock. Since I'm not installing a remote start to the vehicle, I didn't purchase any sort of bypass module for the passlock.
      Do I need it to connect my alarm to my car?
      Or do I convert the negative outputs to positive using relays?
      Also since I was adding the aftermarket alarm anyway, I was thinking of running a line to back and attaching it to the trunk pin to act as a sort of door trigger for the tailgate. Can this be done the way I'm thinking of? I want the alarm to go off if someone opens my tailgate.
      Sorry if I seem to be asking stupid questions. Thank you for your help.
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