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Yes, others are having issues too. Supposed to be changing to a new site software in the next few days according to Admins, They are aware of the issue. Guess we need to be patient until it gets worked out

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Last night we upgraded the forum software suite. Thanks for being patient. All of the bugs you guys have experienced over the last few months should be ironed out. Please let me know if you have any issues. 

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Everything is too white. The old look was way better.


It's a pain trying to look at what threads are what, especially all the sticky threads on some of the pages that just jumble everything up.

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On 4/27/2021 at 12:04 AM, txab said:

let's see what the Admins have to say.  The previous version had a way to make some modifications, but I'm not seeing the option yet.



Here's what the Admins have to say about my question:



Currently, no. We may change this in the future. There are a few reasons we made the decision to go to the default theme.


The first one is that more and more search engines are putting heavy weight on the readability, speed, and other metrics of a site.  Having a custom theme also makes harder to run upgrades and keep the site secure. Many of the bugs you were experiencing are because of conflicts between the custom skin and the forum software.


The other main reason is that back in the day mobile users represented a small portion of our users. Now it is 80% or more.  The custom skins do not have good mobility scores and this means most users visiting our site do not have a good experience.


Give us some time to tweak this skin and get things looking the way we want and we will see what people think.


I will pass on the complaint about the brightness just to make sure they are aware of how some feel

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2 things about this new software.


1. No way to select a night mode.  White is way too GD bright.

2. The emails I used to receive showed the entire topic, like FB used to.  Now they only show the first few sentences, like FB does now.  FB does that to bait you to their site to finish reading and get blasted with ads.  I have to assume the same here.  How f'ing annoying!


Give us back emails with the entire comment.

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